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Zero Waste


Zero Waste

Our school aims to create as little rubbish as possible. We recycle all paper. Each classroom has a recycling bin and we teach children about the process of recycling. We belong to a Paper for Trees programme. This programme provides the incentives of native trees for the school when the recycling of paper is efficient. These trees will be planted by children in our school environment.

Rubbish from home goes back home.

Children also contribute to the zero rubbish programme by taking home any rubbish from their lunch box. After they have unwrapped their lunch they place any rubbish back in their lunchbox. The rubbish can then be put into the home recycling system. We encourage families to think of ways to send lunches to school that requires as little packaging as possible. By students taking their own rubbish home again, we save thousands of dollars in rubbish pick ups, money that the school can spend on better educational resources.

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