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Our school colours are green and gold. Green representing the peaceful country environment. Gold for our sun and the warmth and friendliness of our school community. The rising sun signifies youth and hope and reaching new horizons for ones potential! 

From 2016 we will have a compulsory school uniform.  From Term 1 2016 all Year 0-5 students will be wearing uniform daily, Year 6 students will be required to wear at least the existing polo shirt, whanau shirt and hat with dark green, black or navy shorts, skirts or trousers.  Uniform will be compulsory for all Year 0-6 students in 2017.  From 2017 all school events and outings will require the new style school polo shirt to be worn.

We will have a phase out period of our existing uniform and items such as the school dresses and vests are acceptable as everyday wear at school, existing styles can be worn up until the end of 2018.  

Please follow this link for a new Uniform Order Form.