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Before & After School Care


We would like to welcome you to our Before and After School Care (BSC & ASC) facilities. In line with the rest of our school, this area also has a native tree name - so we welcome you to our Koromiko Suite.

Healthy Eating

·        Breakfast will be available for Before School Care students.

·        Water is the only drink on offer.

·        Fruit is offered at both snack times (2.30pm & 4.30pm) and students are expected to have a piece of fruit along with their sandwiches. Any donations of fruit are much appreciated as this will help to keep costs down.

·        Sandwiches with a variety of no-nut spreads are available along with cheese topped buns and luncheon slices.

·        Occasionally there may be a special times when treats are given. Please let the staff know if you would prefer your child not to receive these. 

·        Food allergies known to the school are already known by care staff as you would have noted this on your BSC/ASC Enrolment Application.

Enviro Schools

·        Recycling bins are now used as with the rest of the school.

·        Zero waste continues – rubbish brought to school should be taken home to be recycled.

Home Work / Home Learning

·        There will be a designated ‘Home Learning’ time set aside for everyone. This will be at around 3.30pm for about 20 minutes and will be a quiet, settled time for everyone so that home learning activities can be achieved. 

·        If a child has no specific home learning activity there will always be plenty of books to read and share with others or basic facts and spelling to learn. Older students are able to use our quiet Koromiko Tahi room for completing work or researching on safe based computers at other times as well. 

·        Parent involvement and support with home learning is still encouraged but we do appreciate children and parents may be tired after getting home late, so we have this opportunity available at ASC.


More activities

There are a good variety of activities and art supplies available for our After School Care students to enjoy.  Including swimming in the summer months and use of the adventure playground for Year 3’s and above.


Respecting our environment

We have a wonderful facility for all to enjoy and is used by many groups and needs to be respected by all. Please be aware when you pick your child up that he / she needs to take responsibility for packing up their area before they leave rather than leave it for others to tidy. This also helps to develop good habits so please support us in this.   



We have 5 computers set up in the Koromiko Tahi learning area. These computers will have educational software on them as well as being available for home learning time.



The TV is only linked to video and DVD facilities and students later in the day may be able to watch a selection of programmes chosen for them.


Sun Safety

During Terms 1 & 4, as with the rest of our School, our school sun hats must be worn if students are out in the sun. Otherwise they will need to remain in designated shade areas.


Bookings and Cancellations

Please advise as soon as possible by way of the following:

·        email to asc@tamahere.school.nz; or

·        telephoning the School office on 856 9238 and follow the prompts to leave a message; or

·         TXT the School mobile on 022 140 3689.

If staff are required to make telephone calls/enquiries to follow up on children who have been booked and we do not have a cancellation message, this will incur an $8 charge.


Before School Care

BSC is available from 7:00am – 8:00am daily. It is imperative that a parent or responsible caregiver accompanies your child/ren to the BSC building and signs in each morning.  If your child will be onsite prior to 8:00am, they must be signed into BSC and you will be invoiced. 

After School Care

Children are to go to the After School Care deck directly at the end of the school day at 2.30pm and must be collected by 5.45pm. A bell will ring at 2.45pm and any children in the school grounds without a parent or guardian will know to report to ASC.

Fee Structure ASC

·        $7 per hour per child 

·        One child per week capped at $70.

·        Two children per week capped at $140.

·        Three children per week capped at $190.

The capped rates give parents a discount if children attend more than 10 hours a week.

Late Fee

There is a late fee penalty payment for children left after 5.45pm - $10 for the first 15 mins and $25 after 6pm.


Fee Structure BSC

·        $10 per day per child 

·        One child per week capped at $40

·        Family capped at $100 per week


Sorry, we are not OSCAR subsidised.