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Donations and Activity Fees

School Donations & Activity Fees

Policy Statement: School Donations

TMCS seeks to deliver the school curriculum to every student in the best way possible, and within its financial boundaries. No student will be discriminated against due to unpaid fees.

TMCS provides a variety of learning activities and experiences designed to maximise learning. As Government funding is insufficient to cover the cost of these opportunities, TMCS looks to parent funding to bridge the shortfall. We dispute the funding mechanisms Government applies to high decile schools, however they are what they are, and we have to work within them.

The School Donation is a donation on which a 33% tax rebate/credit is claimable. See www.ird.govt.nz, and search "School Donations". If your school donation is paid before 31 March, a claim for a rebate/credit can be made after 1 April of that same year. Otherwise you may need to wait another year before claiming your rebate/credit. The Activity Fee (not claimable) is a compulsory payment which the school is able to insist on payment for.

All donations and activity fees shall be collected firstly by general request, likely via the newsletter, and then by direct invoicing to parents as required. Prompt payment is appreciated.

We do not believe in discriminating against children and limiting their learning opportunities due to their parent’s lack of paying our donations. We do have systems in place for parents to pay off smaller regular amounts if this is easier. When learning costs are not paid however, all children are then disadvantaged.

The money from your School Donation is added into our School's budget to support our learning programs. This money helps us to provide quality extras to enhance learning at our school, eg, sports equipment, books, musical instruments and quality materials for art work etc.

The School Donation is set at $240 per child or pro rata depending on enrolment date. (This amount has not changed since 2005).

Activity Fees

We try to provide exciting and stimulating learning opportunities to enrich our learning programmes. These extra learning opportunities however do cost. Instead of asking endlessly for small amounts of money to cover school activities, eg, bus costs, visiting acts and entry fees, we have combined the costs into one lump sum for the year.

Our main aim for introducing one activity fee was simplicity and cost effectiveness. That is to reduce office administration hours and costs, and improve convenience for parents and teachers. The activity fee is an educated estimate and funds will always go towards your child’s education.

In line with this aim, rather than breaking down each individual cost per child and billing each family, we have calculated an average cost per student within the three syndicates. We acknowledge that not every child will go on every trip or activity, however we believe the average cost is the most cost effective method of collecting these funds.

Our Activity Fees are as follows:

Taupiri Junior Syndicate = $45 
Pirongia Middle Syndicate = $55
Maungatautari Senior Syndicate = $65


or pro rata depending on start date.



Our school donation and activity fee when they appear in a lump sum may seem very expensive. However when the cost of our School Donations and Activity Fees are all added up, and the school donation tax rebate/credit of 33% is subtracted (not claimable on activity)and then divided out over days at school the total cost per pupil for any of the syndicates is less than $1.00 per day. This amount looks a lot better and is less than some people pay on other items such as feeding their pets. 
We believe that for less than $1 a day parents at Tamahere Model Country School are getting great value for their educational money.

If prompt payment is difficult please contact the office. Payment of one child per term is one possible arrangement.

Otherwise, we would appreciate payment when convenient for you in the first 5 weeks of Term 1. Payment can be received by cash, cheque, eftpos and direct credit into the school bank account. Bank Details are available from the school office or by emailing reception@tamahere.school.nz