Seesaw gives Tamahere students a creative tools to capture and reflect on their learning - in real time. Then this work is shared with parents. Seesaw gives parents a window into each of our classrooms and into their student’s learning process. Our students are excited to use this new tool in partnership with the great things our teachers do in their classrooms.

We need your help with Seesaw to ensure success at Tamahere.  You can download Seesaw’s Parent App for iOS, Android, or use the web to view your student’s learning artifacts. Once signed up as a parent, when your child adds new work, you will receive a notification to see, hear and respond to your child’s learning item. You only have access to your own child’s work and all of the content is stored securely.

We are happy to announce this new opportunity for our students. Please contact Steve Trotter with any questions about Seesaw. 
What is Seesaw?

  • All students at Tamahere will have their own Seesaw portfolio.
  • Seesaw is $5 per student, per year. It was invoiced at the beginning of the year for Tamahere families.
  • Each child’s portfolio stays with them for the duration of their time at school. 
  • At any time, a child’s portfolio can be ‘exported’ to a PDF to save or print. The PDF has QR codes to watch any video content.
  • Parents will only have access to their child’s journal. This means they will see items tagged with their child’s name and items the teacher tags with "Everyone". 
  • Up to 10 family members can connect to one child, so please feel free to share your QR code or join link (both found on Seesaw letter sent home with yor child) with family members.
  • In Years 0 - 2, students will only be able to post items using school devices at school.
  • In Years 3 - 6, students will be able to post items from any device, at home or school, through signing into Seesaw with their school Google account.