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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Innovative Learning Environment (ILE)?

An innovative environment is one that is capable of evolving and adapting as educational practices evolve and change – thus remaining future focused.

In the past the term Modern Learning Environments (MLE) has been used. Innovative Learning Environments (ILE) have greater international recognition and the Ministry of Education is migrating to this term consistent with both international usage and growing discomfort in New Zealand with the term MLE. (From Ministry of Education ILE website)

A learning environment may be understood to be the complete physical, social and pedagogical (educational learning practices and philosophies) context in which learning is intended to occur.

How will students be grouped at our school in Maungatautari Syndicate 2016?

Students will belong to a Guardian Class/Teacher. This Guardian teacher will be responsible for the child's learning and social needs. Guardian teachers may or may not teach the students in their Guardian class, but they will have time throughout the day to work with their guardian class.

Students will be grouped according to needs for different learning areas. Across the core subjects of Literacy and Numeracy students will be initially grouped across 2 or 3 classes. For other learning areas, including The Arts, sport and Inquiry students will get to work with all 5 teachers in the syndicate.

Students grouping may be based on social, academic, leadership, specific skill or collaboration needs. Groups may be streamed (top - bottom) or mixed ability, depending on the learning situation.

Will it be noisey?

Yes and No. Unlike current learning spaces, ILEs are designed to limit noise level with acoustic considerations taken in when building.

We believe that learning is not always quiet, and would expect working noise at times.

One of the advantages of our new spaces will be that we can have areas for 'silent work' to take place at the same time as more collaborative work - something that cannot happen in a single cell room.

Are other schools running ILEs?

Yes. The Ministry of Education has an expectation for all schools to have ILE by 2021.  http://www.education.govt.nz/assets/Documents/Primary-Secondary/Property/SchoolPropertyStrategy201121.pdf

Most primary schools in New Zealand are now on a journey to meet this objective. All schools built in the last 7 years have been built with collaborative teaching practices in mind. In 2016, Rototuna Junior High will open, becoming the first purpose-built Hamilton High School to run with ILEs. Other schools have modified existing class spaces, such as Peachgrove Intermediate, Hautapu, Leamington, Te Kowhai,  Hillcrest Normal, Frankton, Ngatea Primary and Whitiora.