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Apps List



Below is our school list of Apps.

The expectation that students who have an iPad at school will have all 20 of these Apps installed.
If you would like install additional Apps, that is absolutely fine. 

Wherever possible, we have kept to Apps that do not require any sign in outside of your child's Tamahere Google Account name@tamahere.school.nz. Your child will need to use this account when logging in to any of the Google Apps.

Ideally, we suggest you do not load up a credit card but use iTunes Gift Cards (read here for how to create an iTunes account without a credit card). Apart from being more secure than a credit card, they are often discounted by 20 - 25% at supermarkets and electrical stores.


When a student logs into a Chromebook (or any Chrome browser) using their tamahere.school.nz login, our Tamahere Chrome Apps (currently at 27 Apps) will be automatically installed. These Apps are also available to add at our own Tamahere App collection page here (This page will not be visible without using an @tamahere.school.nz username).

As Chromebook Apps can be instantly pushed out to all users, are mainly web based (meaning they do not take up space on a device) and all free, we do not have to be as selective in keeping our list low as we do for iPad's).

Please be aware that the first time a user logs into a Chromebook a large amount of data is synched from the cloud. It is therefore recommended that a WiFi connection, not hotspot or 3G/4G connection is used the first time a user logs into their Chrome device.