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Syndicate Athletics Days & Whanau Relays

posted Nov 28, 2019, 5:07 PM by Reception @TMCS

What a beautiful sunny day we had last Thursday, perfect for our Maungatautari Syndicate student athletics.

It was great to see the sportsmanship of all the students, and their high achievements in the different activities. We appreciate the wonderful support from all the family and friends who turned out to cheer on their children.




On the 21st of November, the Maungatautari students of Tamahere  School competed in their age groups for a fun Athletics Day of ‘relaxed competition’. Some of the most significant events during this day included the 100m sprints and the 400m run. This was an opportunity for the students to learn sports skills and expand their athleticism.



When the kids lined up to start the heats, everyone was very nervous and jumpy. They anxiously looked around at the other racers. “ I was really nervous but excited!” Emma P told us after the race. Emma was racing the other 11-year-old girls, and ended up coming 3rd overall. After the heats, everyone was less nervous and their muscles loosened, but the competition was no less tense. Annabelle C stumbled across the starting line before the race started because she was so nervous. The teacher supervising, Miss Glenn, said: “ Just relax, girls, just relax.”  With no more false starts the race was underway. Out of the 10-year-old girls, Annabelle came a very close 2nd place.


Next came the 400m loop.  Exhausted from the sprints, the children then had to run a 400m track. The racers were separated into competitive and non-competitive categories. “ I didn’t think I could do it,”

Confessed Ollie S when we asked him about the experience “ There was some really tough competition.” The loop began at the finish line of the 100m track, circled around the field, and ended at the 100m starting line. 10-year-old Tia G explained, “Technique is important. You don’t want to sprint at the start, but if you just jog, you end up falling behind.”


In the end, athletics was an entirely enjoyable event. Credit to the principal, Miss Parker, and the Maungatautari teachers for making it possible. The children who placed at different events are looking forward to the City Cluster event.


By Annabelle C



Highjump Challenges Tamahere Girls

On the 21st of November 2019 in the TCC, the 11-year-old girls squealed with nervousness as they lined up for the high jump. The bar height started at 1.05m and already some of the girls thought that they wouldn’t be able to make it over.

The children lined up either the left or the right side of the room depending on what side they jumped from. Non-stop chatter came from the mouths of the anxious but excited girls. The teacher running the event, Mrs Mills, put down her clipboard from in front of her face and yelled, “Ready when you are,” to the first child. She started running, she jumped but she missed. 

Eventually, everyone finished their first or second jumps, sadly some people didn’t make it through to the next round. The bar got moved up three more centimetres which then made it 1.08m. Lucy W said, “I’m done, I don’t want to do this anymore,” but she made it over the bar anyway. We asked Sienna M how she thought that she was doing and she replied with a cheery expression on her face, “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” 

A little later on in the event, only four girls were left, Lucy W, Evie W, Gemma H and Emma P.  All of them congratulated each other before they did their jump. Lucy W and Evie W did not make it over which made them third equal. The two girls left shook hands, hugged and then Gemma H went for it. She scissor kicked up but just skimmed the bar and it fell down on the mat in front of her. Mrs Mills wrote something on her clipboard, looked at Emma and exclaimed to her that if she made this, then she would take the first place title. Emma looked at the bar, concentrated and started her run-up. She scissor kicked, went up and… over. All her friends cheered, Emma’s face lit up, she had claimed first place. Gemma and Emma hugged they looked exhausted but joyful at the same time. 

Overall, the kids had a wonderful time doing the different events thanks to the Maungatautari teachers who organised it all. The children who placed are excited for the next round, City Cluster.

By Emma P

Pirongia Athletics last Friday 22nd of November was a great success. Students displayed positive 'can do' attitudes and enthusiasm towards all activities while they confidently demonstrated the skills and techniques they had gained over the past six weeks. Many students enjoying personal successes with some making it into City Cluster Athletics for excelling in a range of events. Thank you to all the parents who came along to support your children. It was a fun and successful day.

Taupiri Athletics were held  yesterday and we had a wonderful turn out of parents and whanau to support our tamariki. The children have been practising the different athletic activities over the past 3-4 weeks, so today was a great opportunity to showcase our learning.  Some of the activities the children took part in were relays (with baton changes), sprints, vortex throwing, high jump and long jump. 

We were blessed with awesome weather for our Whanau Relays last Friday, with Kotuku taking out 1st place, followed by Kakapo, with Takahe and Hoiho coming in 3rd equal.