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Supporting Allan Wickens and his family - Give A Little Page

posted May 14, 2019, 4:47 PM by Reception @TMCS

Our wonderful Caretaker/Property Manager, Allan Wickens, has been in Bangkok for the last couple of weeks at his son, Hamish’s bedside. Hamish was on holiday from his home in Perth when he was rushed into the ICU at Bangkok Hospital Phuket in critical condition with a brain aneurysm. Thankfully Hamish has survived his initial brain surgery and is starting to recover although he has a long way to go yet. Hamish will require further surgery to remove the remaining aneurysm.

Rachel, Hamish’s sister & Allan’s daughter has set up a Give a Little Page to help the family with the ongoing costs of supporting Hamish while in Thailand. If anyone feels like supporting this worthy cause please use the link below. Thank you.

An updated post is shown below.

Update      14 May 2019 NEW

Hamish is still in ICU in Phuket and is quite tired daily. They are reducing his vasospasm meds slowly and they are for 3 weeks post op. He has another CT scan on Thursday 16th. I’ll post another update with the results once we have them.

Also we are extending the page to close on June 30th as we need more time to raise funds for his loss of income, family expenses such as flights and accommodation over over to Thailand to care for Hamish. He needs one person with him until he is able to be self sufficient when he is back in Oz. So your donations will help with Hamish with his loss of income as he only has about 8 sick hours owing, flights and expenses for the family carer while in Thailand and eventually getting Hamish back to Australia. Also, we have received news that his travel insurance for medical costs have been accepted which is brilliant!