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NZEI - Teaching Profession Challenges - Update

posted Jul 5, 2018, 6:41 PM by Reception @TMCS

You may have seen in the news, that at this stage, Teachers and Principals will be taking strike action on the 15th August for 3 hours. We apologise in advance of the inconvenience and disturbance this will cause our families.

Following from last week - what are we asking for?

Information Point 2:- Improvement in conditions. I know from the outsiders view looking in that teachers get lots of holidays! We acknowledge that our non contact time is wonderful compared to other careers. Children need holidays to rest and re-energize so they can take on the learning and cope with the term ahead. Teachers are the same but this comes with lots of preparation and planning and often courses for professional learning. This ‘holiday’ break will see 10 of our staff attending a Professional Learning Conference in Hamilton. There will also be planning meetings and personal preparation. 50-60 hour working weeks are the norm for most teachers and principals - When it is worked out most of us easily have worked our holidays before we get them. Why do we? Contact children time is full on so any professional learning (PL), collaboration and planning, assessment etc have to happen out of school hours. Unfortunately there are not enough nights in the week. At our school we have Monday - Leadership Meeting, Tuesday Staff Meeting PL, Wednesday Syndicate Meetings. Then there are the Curriculum and Pod meetings to help move us all forward and appointments with parents. Not to mention the evening commitments so parents can come after their work for information and sharing successes. Collaboration and consistency has been proven to be a significant factor in successful schools but to achieve this takes time. Primary Teachers in New Zealand get 1 hour release time per week which equates to 12 minutes a day. At our school we save the time up to reach half day release block once a fortnight. In Australia Primary teachers get 3-4 hours per week to help run a similar system. The Government is offering another 12 minutes a day.