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Next New Classroom Term 3 Opening

posted May 10, 2018, 7:10 PM by Reception @TMCS   [ updated May 10, 2018, 7:46 PM by Lisa Boyd ]
You will all be aware that our roll is growing. Unfortunately the Ministry of Education is unable to cope with the roll growth happening in the Waikato area along with other regions and despite our school showing a deficit in classroom, library, administration and staff building space the Ministry does not have the capability to meet our requirements. There are many schools across the country in similarly difficult situations. We are constantly in communication with the Ministry trying to push for solutions and basic rights for our students and staff.

Thanks to having a series of pro active Boards of Trustees over the years we are in a much better situation than many as the Board owns a number of buildings on site - which is alleviating our problem at present. The Board already owns our 3 After School Care (ASC) rooms, our beautiful historic Library and the tiny - Ponga Iti - or old tennis pavilion. Without these we would not have a library in operation at present and we can provide ASC. Our latest new Entrants class is now operating out of Ponga Iti with Mrs Christy Paladin. At present this is only a small class but at the start of Term 3 we enroll another 12 New Entrant students who will not be able to fit in Ponga Iti.

Thanks to us now having a wonderful Multi Purpose Shed on site - again owned by the Board of Trustees and our Community, rather than the Ministry of Education we are disassembling our school resource room by the Junior Sand Pit and refurbishing this as a new classroom - Tawa 19. Mrs Paladin will move into this classroom in Term 3 with her additional students. 

At present we are improving the old PE shed by the arched gate to make it into a music room. The Reading Recovery has been moved  into the Junior Book Room and now we are moving resources into the shed. If you have any time to maybe help out with moving resources please let the office know as many hands will make lighter work. Also Mr Wickens is keen to have some Dad’s Army Support to move the Lundia Shelving unit which will need disassembling and re making in the shed, this will happen about Week 4.