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New Report Format

posted Jun 2, 2015, 8:39 PM by Reception @TMCS

We are reviewing our assessment practices and reporting information. This year our Mid-year and Junior reports will look a bit different. We will be keeping the Anniversary 12, 24 & 36 month report style with a learning continuum but the format will be more consistent with our senior reports. Our Senior - Year 4 - 6 Mid-year reports will also have a learning continuum so you can see where your child is achieving at a glance in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. The reports are going to be linked more closely to the learning conferences which will take place soon after the reports go home. Following parent feedback, we will be lengthening our Learning Conferences to 15 minutes. Students will be involved in these conferences across all levels of the School as they are the learners the conferences are discussing.

Our students who are having their 12, 24 and 36 month anniversaries at School will be receiving their modified Anniversary Reports as usual around their birthdays, or date they first started School. These reports will be more detailed than the previous Anniversary Reports and will cover other learning areas as well as the Key Competencies. If your child receives an Anniversary Report in Term 1 you will then receive a Progress Report two terms later. So students in Years 0-3 will be getting reports in Terms 1 & 3 or Terms 2 & 4. Junior Reports and Learning Conferences will be spread across the year and teachers will let you know when conferences will be occurring.

All Year 4-6 students will be having two written reports and two Learning Conferences  per year. Juniors students will be getting these opportunities as well but their reports and conferences will be spread across the year based around their time at School.

We hope you like the look of our new report format and feel you are getting all the information you want with the written reports and the conferences. We look forward to hearing your feedback.