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Meet The Teacher Evening - Information Supplied

posted Feb 9, 2017, 7:00 PM by Reception @TMCS   [ updated Feb 9, 2017, 7:15 PM ]

It was great to see so many parents last night coming along to learn about the new routines and systems in your child’s new class. Being able to support and understand what is happening at school helps to support learning. Thank you for your time and we appreciate how everyone managed your child care so the focus could be on the children’s learning.

For those who were unable to attend here is the general notice section that went out over the intercom during the evening:

“Kia Ora Koutou  - Welcome to Meet the Teacher Evening. Last year we found the intercom known to all at our school as the ‘Bing Bong’ as a way to quickly touch base with parents about a number of items rather than dragging everyone into the TCC for a further half hour or more. Less class movements and wasted time for everyone so that you can get home earlier to your children.

A special welcome goes out to our 31 new students and their families who have joined us this Term. I hope you and your children have settled in really well and you are feeling comfortable about how everything is working. I also hope you all have a very happy and successful time at our school. If anyone has any concerns or need clarity please come and ask and we can try and sort things out rather than letting problems escalate. It is best to talk with your class teachers first so they are aware of any anxieties or issues involving your children. If you are not able to resolve the problems then please come and talk with Syndicate Leaders, Lee, Annette and Myself  so we can help. Children need to be happy and relaxed to learn.

We have started the year with 412 students the most we have ever had at this time of year. We have at present 16 classes in operation and in Term 2 Christy Paladin will be back with us and starting up a Year 1/0 class in Term 2 in Kowhai 4. We will be opening up a further Year 0 class in Term 3 and possibly another later in Term 4.

We have an exciting Year of learning ahead of us this year our Teacher Professional Development Focus will be concentrating on Mathematics and we have engaged the services of Bruce Moody to facilitate this development. Teachers have already spent a day with Bruce in the holidays and he will be back soon to work in classes with teachers and children. Our school is now part of a Community of Learners this group takes in our Country Cluster schools along with Hillcrest and Silverdale Normal Schools and Berkley Normal Middle School and Hillcrest High School. By being a part of this Learning Community we have already gained access to funds to support with our Mathematics Development in lifting student achievement.

Health & Safety

As we start the year now is a good time to make sure we have your latest contact details and extra care giver information. Also please check the dates in your Epi Pens and any Asthma and other Medication you may have stored with us in case of emergencies.
Just to let everyone know - If your child requires any medication during the year please e.g. antibiotics etc. Please pop into the office and sign the appropriate forms. No medication is allowed to remain in school bags for obvious reasons. Whatever age your children are.

Thank you to everyone  for using our gates so well and ensuring they are kept closed at all times. We need to ensure that NO child swings on the gates or we will have a constant bill for hinge repairs. The front gate by the pool area has already been damaged.  The ministry has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on our school over the holidays to improve safety and access for everyone. Please can all children be either brought onto our site and collected from inside our site or use the Road Patrol crossing from 8:10 am - 8:25 am every day and from 2:30 - 2:45pm. We have already had concerns mooted about the speed of cars in the area and neighbours would like us to mention that the 50 km area around us extends right the way to the Punnet.  The corner before Punnet has been experiencing some close calls so please be very careful in this area with children crossing on bikes and on foot. In our main car park we also ask that everyone used the pedestrian crossing points and children are accompanied by an adult. With our high cars small children are easily missed in this area.

Police Vetting

Thank you to all the parents who have been into the office and completed Police Vetting permissions and shown Passports and driver's Licenses. With the new Vulnerable Children’s Act All parents who go on camps will now now need to be police vetted and cleared to stay overnight. If you fill in forms now the Police Vet will last for 3 years and cover Year 4-6 camps. Also if you get in now it is free to us. The Police will be charging for this service soon.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees Election in September 18 month election cycle means we always retain experience on the Board. This year at least two members will be up for election and their families are seniors or have just left Year 6 so there will be positions available.

The Board would also like to thank you all for paying your donations. This money is essential in the running of our school and makes a huge difference to what we can provide for all students. Otherwise we would have to have numerous fundraisers to achieve the deficit. Our Activity Fees are for actual spending that occurs for your children in their syndicate with learning opportunities such as Science Van and Cultural shows and some trips. This year we also have Seesaw cost at $5 this will be explained in classes and will be an online e-portfolio so that you will be able to link in and track your children’s progress. This cost is instead of the Progress & Achievement Books.  

While we are mentioning money we would also like to thank all of our Sponsors who also help us to achieve the most for our students. Please check our sponsors board and at least give them the opportunity to quote when you need products and services. Also you could mention why you have engaged them! We have a number of very generous new sponsors who are coming on board to help us with our new swimming pool project in the form of money as well as discounted and free services. We really appreciate this amazing support and along with the incredible Cookbook sales the pool committee is getting closer to our desired goal.


Our PTA do a wonderful job of supporting our school both financially and in so many ways. Their first meeting is next Tuesday in the Staff Room at 7pm and everyone is welcome. We are hoping that each class will have a Class Representative to attend the initial part of this meeting. Thanks you to all Class Reps. This communication role is very important in helping to spread the load.

To all you Dad’s Army - Members out there. Thank you also for all you do to support our school. This is a great way for the dads of our school to network together do a bit of elbow bending and socialising as well as coming in  for some working bees which make a huge difference to our school and the cost of projects.

Music opportunities

We now have over 100 students learning instruments through our itinerant Music Teacher Programmes. Some musical instruments  have a waiting list at present but we are looking at engaging more musicians if there is enough interest. Please look on our web site for information on this along with the opportunities available with our Kids Clubs after school and during some lunch hours like our gymnastics group, Kelly Sports, Creative Arts with Mrs Stantial and lego Bricks for Kids options.

Whanau o Tamahere

We are very sad to have said haere ra to Rich Hollis and his Whanau who have moved to Bethlehem. Rich was a wonderful Spokesperson for our school and our Whanau o Tamahere Ropu. If you know of anyone who could help us in this area or if you or a whanau member could take over this role we would love to hear from you. We plan to have a Whanau o Tamahere meeting early this year. Once again everyone is very welcome - our focus is on our Maori and Pacifica student achievements but we welcome all cultures and ethnicities to be part of this extra support group.

School Sports Events

Finally we are looking forward to our Tabloid sports tomorrow. Our Year 6 leaders have now been elected and appointed and we hope to have a lovely morning mixing all whanau ages together and developing friendship and support bonds between young and older students.

Pirongia and Maungatautari Swimming Sports next week is also an exciting day and will be run a bit differently this year. We will be having our 15 metre races at school and our 25 m races at St Peter’s Pools. Both venues will hold competitive races at the level of the students abilities. This change is to avoid many of our students having to sit out in the sun and heat for the majority of the day with very few swimming opportunities. Our 15 M races will start as close to 8:45 am as possible so that families will be able to attend both venues and watch all students. We are able to use the St Peter’s Pool as they are having their Athletics sports that day so there could possibly be Parking challenges.

Together - if Families and School can work closely together we can provide better support for your children’s learning and social development.

Lee and Annette then spoke about Pumpkin Night.  A reminder that this is coming up on Saturday 4th March from 3pm - 8pm.  Please see below for details in the many ways you can support this event.