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Measles - Is your Child Vaccinated?

posted Sep 5, 2019, 7:18 PM by Reception @TMCS

You are probably aware that there are 7 confirmed cases of measles in Hamilton, with Auckland up to 800 and counting. 

Students not known to be immune may be quarantined and excluded should measles occur in our school community. We are checking that our immunisation register of both students and our staff is up-to-date. We urge you to get your children vaccinated for their own safety and the communal good.

Dr Richard Hoskins, Clinical Director Public Health, Waikato District Health Board released the following statement on 23rd August 2019: 

“Measles cannot cause large outbreaks or epidemics when enough people are vaccinated. This is not the current situation in NZ. Please encourage your staff and your families to get at least one MMR vaccination. “On Time” vaccination at 15 months and 4 years of old is best, but “catch up” is recommended for anyone aged 1-50 who cannot show they have had two vaccinations. Many adults mistakenly believe that they had a measles-containing vaccine as a child, or that their children are fully vaccinated, so it is important to try to get proof before your school has a case.

Being fully vaccinated, isolating cases, excluding those who have been exposed but are not immune and promoting vaccination to your school community will all help protect others, especially those at risk of complications from the disease.

Thank you for your help in reducing the impact of measles in your community.”

Please refer to the link for Waikato DHB public alerts. For more  information on measles please click on the link to view the Ministry of Health website or the link to the Health Navigator website.