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Investing In Educational Success (IES) - Community of Schools

posted Feb 3, 2016, 3:44 PM by Reception @TMCS

The Ministry of Education has recently announced the approval of a Hillcrest Community of Schools (COS) cluster. Originally titled Investing in Education Success (IES) the Government has allocated $359m with the specific goal of raising student achievement and success. A COS is a cluster of schools with an interest in working collaboratively together within the community they serve to raise the achievement and success of the students within the cluster from Primary through to Secondary School. The cluster could be extended to include pre-school and further to Tertiary, such as the University or Polytech. 

The recently approved Hillcrest cluster consists of Hillcrest High School, Berkley Normal Middle School, Tauwhare Primary, Tamahere Model Country School, Newstead Model Country School, Matangi Primary, Hillcrest Normal School and Silverdale Normal School. The Principals of these schools have already met on a number of occasions to discuss the concept in preparation of our submission of an expression of interest. 

One of the initial tasks of our cluster will be to set Achievement Challenges, which will identify those areas of common need regarding student achievement within our schools. The Hillcrest COS will be an opportunity for our schools to work collaboratively together, share ideas, expertise and resources with the common and shared purpose of raising student achievement, well-being and success. Further information will follow, through our individual schools and collectively as a cluster.

(Hillcrest Cluster of Schools Information 1)