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Hockey Safety and Turf

posted Jul 5, 2017, 8:21 PM by Reception @TMCS

Hockey Safety and Turf

Hockey Ball Safety:- A few weeks ago their was an incident where a hockey ball was hit right over the high tennis court surround fence (around 3m in height) and landed on a car. At Primary level hockey, balls should never be hit at height like this but accidents can happen, especially with inexperienced players. Our concern is for the safety of children and others passing around the courts and where hockey is being played. We now ask that all hockey teams use a soft ‘cricket ball style’ ball rather than the hard ball when practicing at our school.

Offer of free Turf

As a School, we are delighted that we have 70 Children in hockey this year with 9 hockey teams representing our school each week in the Friday and Saturday leagues. We would like to acknowledge once again the time and commitment from the coaches, managers and supporting parents who make this opportunity possible for our students. As a School and Board we also acknowledge the limitations and frustrations that this group has when it comes to having an appropriate surface to practice and play on. We acknowledge this also for our Netball teams who at times find the tennis court area slippery.

Earlier this year we were offered part of the old Gallagher Hockey turf to use at our school. The opportunity sounded wonderful but when we looked at this as a staff and Board we realised that sometimes a free gift can become a significant problem and lead to other costs and challenges. Having a quality, multi use, astroturf at our school is certainly in the future plans but at present with our growing roll and lack of space for many activities, putting down a 10 year old surface that does not fit the needs of all sports and learning activities that we require of it, is not a good decision going forward. We would like to share some of the issues discussed around this so people are aware it was thought about extensively. Click here If you are interested to see a few of our thoughts, questions and findings around the free hockey turf opportunity.

We wanted to share this with our supportive hockey parents to show that we have taken time to look at this issue and show that we appreciate your initial ‘Can Do’ attitude to make it happen.