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Help! Storage Emergency!

posted Mar 15, 2016, 7:48 PM by Reception @TMCS

Does anyone have any storage space where we could house some of our furniture and equipment for a while. We have been storing many items in the old Green Shed near the TCC. This shed is being bowled as part of the Tamahere Reserve Development. We need to have all our gear out of this shed by the 12th April and find a new home for many items. This is huge for us, as we have a lot stored in this shed, from surplus furniture that gets recycled into classes as the needs of teachers and size of years groups change, through to windows and staging. 

Our school priority list has had a Multi Purpose Facility on the list for years, and now it has become an urgent issue. At this stage directing funds to support the Innovative Learning Environments in our senior school is top priority. We do have another shed at the back of the field that houses PTA and Pumpkin Night equipment along with other equipment. We are needing space for staging and production equipment, furniture and uniform storage. The proposed Multi Purpose Facility will also have space for students to work on construction and big art projects. This facility will be built when we have all the funds available.