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ECO Warriors planting up the new Allan Turner Walkway Reserve

posted Aug 11, 2015, 7:48 PM by Reception @TMCS

Allan Turner Walkway

Yesterday, 30 eco warriors from across Pirongia and Maungatautari Syndicates braved the cold and ventured out to the Allan Turner Walkway reserve just below the new swing bridge at the end of Woodcock Road. Firstly our team learnt about why the area would be important for the very precious native New Zealand long tailed bat and how to plant the trees carefully by the stream and also up on steep banks. Then it was all action and within two hours, 240 new trees had been planted.

This new gully reserve is another of Leo Koppens projects which is restoring a blackberry and honeysuckle infested area into a native tree environment to welcome back bird life into our area and protect the fragile stream environment. Yesterday’s planting was supported by HEB Developments who are constructing the Cambridge expressway. The reason for this special planting visit was also to help HEB developments comply with their resource consent and create new areas suitable for bats to roost as during the expressway development a number of bat havens have been destroyed. Originally our School was linked to this project with every child in our School planting acorns to grow into oak trees. The plantings need to be completed by HEB before they finish the project in December and our seedlings are not yet big enough to plant out. Many seedlings also died with the drought over the summer holidays. Our remaining seedlings will now go to the Cambridge Tree Trust to be grown on and used in the area when they are needed.

Thanks to our supportive team of parents who also braved the cold, mud and steep slopes to help us with the planting.