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Country Cluster Cross Country Success

posted Sep 5, 2019, 7:17 PM by Reception @TMCS   [ updated Sep 5, 2019, 7:58 PM ]

Congratulations to our Interschool Cross Country Team. They performed so magnificently last Friday at Newstead Model Country School and took out many of the top places. A couple of the top ten winning placegetter photographs are below, showing a significant amount of green.

Well done everyone! We wish our top runners selected for the next level all the best with the City School Competition. 

Year 4 Girls:

1st Ariane H

3rd Caterina H

6th Poppy L

7th Mila W 

8th Kate H

9th Dylan M

Year 4 Boys:

1st Dylan M

3rd Ethan K

5th George F

6th Harry T

7th Henry D

10th Toku L

Year 5 Girls:

1st Piper P

2nd Sophie M

5th Zoe V

6th Taira L

7th Mia D

9th Briana M-R

Year 5 Boys:

4th Luca M

5th Ollie S

8th Flynn T-B

Year 6 Girls:

2nd Casey S-S

3rd Preya R

4th Emma P

Year 6 Boys:

1st Luke G

2nd Jack C

3rd Daniel B

4th AJ M

5th Tito H

8th Ben D

9th Luke F

Please enjoy this piece of writing from one of our talented runners involved. 
On Friday 30th August, a group of wonderful kids took a bus to Newstead School. There we competed in the Country Cluster Cross Country Competition. The sausages were sizzling, and at 12:15 the year 4 girls race had finally begun.

We won all our races but one, Luke for the year 6 boys, Piper for the year 5 girls, Dylan for the year 4 boys, just to name a few. We got lots of kids into the next round, at least 5 in each race. The spectators thought everyone put in a huge effort to race around the track, up hills and across fields. Everyone had a great time, cheering the runners on, eating sausages and playing on the playground. I even fulfilled my destiny by worming over the finish line, to Mrs Hawthorn’s disgust. 

Cheer us on for the next round where we hope to do as well in the races this time. I would also like to thank all the lovely teachers and parents involved in this wonderful event and a special thank you to Mrs Hawthorn, Mrs Copponi and Miss Glenn for organising everything.  Wish us luck for the next event which is on the 13th of September, competing against the City Cluster Schools. 

Lucy C

Year 6

Manuka 16