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Conscious Kids: Outdoor Programme & Care on Strike Day

posted Aug 7, 2018, 8:05 PM by Reception @TMCS

We have been made aware of the opportunity below which one of our students enjoyed over the school holidays. However, we cannot endorse the Health and Safety practices or the quality of the programme as we have not seen it in action.

Conscious Kids Hamilton - Nature Based Programme

Article from Conscious Kids:

“The kids loved making their own decisions and were very responsible about risk assessment.  Feeling safe is imperative to learning, developing and exploring. Letting children make their own decisions around risk-taking helps them to be curious and wonder in their own time.  Kids also learn to communicate, negotiate, and work as a team when left to their own devices. When supervision is limited to safety concerns rather than the direction of learning, that’s when kids really develop.  If you agree that kids spend too much time indoors these days, and are often being ‘instructed’ and catered for by adults through structured activities, this nature-based holiday programme may be for you. It offers an antidote to structured ‘learning’, and supports kids’ physical, mental and social health.   To register your interest for the October Holiday Programme, email

Conscious Kids Hamilton - Care Offer for the day of the proposed strike

We're also offering a one day programme on the 15th of August providing care from 9-3 with earlier drop offs available from 8am for working parents, $60 for the day, at the Hardy Centre near Hamilton gardens. We fully support the teacher strike and are offering a taste of other ways of learning through this day of free play in nature.