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Community Of Learning (COL)

posted Nov 17, 2016, 4:28 PM by Reception @TMCS

As part of the Government initiatives in - Investing in Educational Success - our school is now part of a cluster of schools that will be working together for the benefit of all students within our community of learners. At this stage we have nine schools in our Cluster; Hillcrest High School, Berkley Normal Middle School, Hillcrest Normal School, Silverdale Normal School, 7th Day Adventist School, Tauwhare School, Newstead Model Country School, Matangi School and of course, ourselves. Through this new organisation there are a number of staffing, professional learning and funding opportunities amongst other outcomes that could benefit our students, staff and school, which is why we as a school and Board are involved.

We are just in the initial stages of forming this cluster and we have now appointed our first leader for the next two years - Stuart Armistead from Silverdale Normal School.

Here is a brief introduction from Stuart;-

I am excited to be appointed as leader of the Hillcrest Community of Learning.  I am principal of Silverdale Normal School, a position I have held for the last two years.  

The Hillcrest schooling system has always been recognized as an exceptional pathway for learners, and this is reinforced by a diverse range of achievements across our primary schools, Berkley Normal Middle School’s exceptional pathways and Hillcrest High School’s strong performance as well as the many varied stories of past students achieving to a high standard in a range of fields.  

A challenge I raised at my interview was ‘what does it mean to act as a community?’

To me, the benefit of the Hillcrest Community of Learning is the opportunity for us to learn from each other and to share the amazing experience, ideas, innovation and resources we are fortunate to have at our disposal.  

My recent trip to Canada to investigate their collaborative model of school improvement demonstrated to me the benefits that true collaboration can bring to learners.  I look forward to working across the COL for the benefit of all our learners.  

As everything evolves we will hear more about our COL.