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Class Placement for 2019 - Let Us Know!

posted Sep 12, 2018, 8:27 PM by Reception @TMCS

As we approach Term 4 it is once again time for us to start planning our classroom environments for next year.

When we organise classes in our school we look at each of our students’ academic and social needs and abilities. We use our cumulative teachers’ notes and check friendships with each child. We strive to achieve the best possible learning environments for all of our students and teachers. We actively decide to separate some students and join others to achieve the best possible learning and teaching outcomes.

While providing supports we also work to build resilience and independence in our students so that they will be able to cope with change and the next steps in their educational journeys when they transition from us to other schools. Our aim with mixing students around is to develop a school environment where students know and are happy to work with many others students, to give opportunities to develop further friends and to have a break from others to improve concentration and learning.

If you believe you have any special information that you feel our teachers may not be aware of, for example – the possibility of avoiding a competitive cousin in the same class, please let your class teacher know as they will add any relevant comments to the cumulative placement sheet.

It is important if you have any information to share that you let us know before Week 1 Term 4.