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Class Placement 2016

posted Sep 9, 2015, 8:47 PM by Steve Trotter

From Week 2 next term we will be starting to organise classes for 2016. Our teachers and leadership team spend incredible hours trying to achieve the best possible placement for every child. We debate and discuss combinations and reasons for weeks. We take into account each child’s academic achievements and needs, along with their social preferences and behavioural needs and look at possible best fit learning environments and styles. We believe we have all the information we need to make with best choices of learning environment for your child. What we don’t always know is about neighbours or cousins that may cause a problem when different age groups are mixed in together. If you have any information that you feel we need to know please let your classroom teacher know and they will record it on a cumulative record sheet that we use. This is not an open opportunity to request teachers and friends but one to iron out possible delicate issues that could arise. With over 400 students to place and consider their needs, I’m sure you can understand this is a challenging undertaking and one we take very great care with.