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Changing of the guard

posted Mar 9, 2017, 2:46 PM by Reception @TMCS

Board of Trustees Chairperson

We are pleased to announce that Karla Ward has been elected by the Board of Trustees as Chairperson from 2017.  This position is up for election each year and Dave Houlbrooke has decided to step down from the position after several years of leading this team. Dave  will remain an active member of the Board and we will retain his skills and knowledge till the Mid Term Board elections in October where three of our present board members will be standing down as their children near the end of their schooling with us.

Thanks go to Dave for all the time, energy and dedication he has put into his position as Board Chairperson. Dave has always been there when we need him, available for late night phone calls, extra meetings, and has had to deal with more than his fair share of issues over this time. He is a logical and clear thinker yet caring and always thinks how it will affect others the board and the school. Thank you Dave, we have enjoyed working with you and appreciate you staying on as Immediate Past Chairperson till the election even though your girls have left our school. Your dedication over your almost 6 year term has been outstanding and hugely appreciated you have certainly helped move our school forward in many areas from sewerage through to the higher levels of Governance.

We extend a warm welcome to Karla as she takes on her new role. Karla is an exceptional Board member who has already contributed extensively to our school through her leadership of the Property Portfolio. Karla is very dedicated to the good of the whole school and has a wealth of knowledge and skills to share.

PTA Chairperson

Thank you to Debbie Spice who led our PTA for 2016 with a smile, humour and enthusiasm!  Debbie has chosen to step back from the Chairperson position and we thank her for all she has achieved over the last year.  With pleasure we announce that our new PTA Chairperson is Mike Calvert.  Welcome on board Mike, we are grateful for your willingness to commit to our school is such an active role in leading our PTA team.

A Message to all Helpers

Along with prominent roles such as Board Chair and PTA Chairperson, we thank the many parents who help our school in a variety of capacities.  We know that a lot of time and effort is given in the background sorting and assisting, coaching and managing, helping in classrooms, working bees, trips and camps,  and many more ways around our school.  We simply couldn’t operate and function as well as we do without you all - on behalf of our school staff and children - thank you!