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posted May 4, 2016, 4:27 PM by Reception @TMCS

Our overarching learning concept is
‘Change’ this term and this is very apt for what is happening around us.
  1. New Assistant Principal and Puriri 5 Class teacher. We are delighted to have Annette Howard as our new Assistant Principal and Mrs Sarah Singleton as the morning teacher in Puriri 5. We also welcome Mrs Gillian Stantiall as the co teacher with Mrs Howard in Manuka 16. (More details around many support teacher changes were sent out last term in Week 10).

  2. The Tamahere Recreational Reserve is progressing well and now we are completely fenced into our own site, so we only have limited field space for our winter sports this season. We are very lucky to have so much space still. To us we feel cramped but compared to many New Zealand schools, and certainly  most international schools, we still have a wonderful amount of grass space to run around on. This short term inconvenience will become an amazing long term asset.

  3. New class locations while building work is occurring:-

  • Karaka 15 and Mr Higgison are now located in the Koromiko suite / After School Care.

  • Manuka 16 and Mrs Howard are now located in Kahikatea / our Library in the mornings and in Kawakawa 3 in the afternoons.

  • Mahoe 17 and Mrs Bennetts are located in Titoki 6 for the next few weeks.

  1. Maungatautari Syndicate Refurbishment: The builders have been in all holidays and are making good progress with the 3 classroom Maungatautari refurbishment. This area is fenced off and is operating as a separate island in our school with its own Health & Safety procedures and practices.

  2. Road Crossing: Our new road crossing is nearly completed. Once all components are finished a warrant for use will be issued and our Year 6 students will be trained by the NZ Police in the correct procedures. From then on if you see the flags flying it means the crossing is in operation and cars are required to stop for the children when the signs are put out. More information will follow once we are all certificated and ready to go.

  3. A number of car parking spaces have disappeared due to the crossing, which is inconvenient for some who regularly use this area. The Waikato District Council have surveyed our school and see the car parks outside the TCC as under utilised. This may be a good area to use in the future once you have set up new meetings with your children.

  4. School Fencing: The ministry process is getting closer for the safety fencing and upgrading certain safety features around our school. We hope this may start to happen later in the Term.