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Board of Trustees Update

posted May 31, 2016, 8:58 PM by Reception @TMCS

The BOT met on the 26th of May which was the last gathering of this board before 4 of the 7 community trustees roles went up for election at the start of June. The current board have agreed to provide a brief update following each monthly meeting with this being the first of this initiative. In summary there were three key areas of strategic discussion and decision making:

1 ) Property developments and projects: The senior school is currently undergoing a large building and renovation programme to convert our senior blocks into modern learning environments that will help facilitate our collaborative teaching practices and cross grouped learning. In addition we will soon be undertaking significant fencing and property modifications (paid for by a separate Ministry of Education fund) to allow for the requirements of special needs children.

2) Swimming pool: The board discussed and approved a final plan for the pool which can now be used by our very committed fundraising team (led by Camille Stranks) to chase up different funding options in order to turn the plan into reality as soon as possible for our current school learning community. The Board also recognised the significant fundraising effort being put into the school pool by the school cook book committee.

3. Vulnerable children’s Act: New Government legislation will come into action in July 2016 focussed on the protection of children. This act has necessitated a policy review and update by the BOT in order to ensure interaction between children and adults at the school can take place in a safe manner for all parties. The police vetting of camp parents will probably be introduced from next year.

In addition to these developments considerable attention was also paid to school finances (including the recent successful fundraiser raffle for tickets and travel to the Chiefs game in Sydney), the new Health and Safety regulations and the school's implementation of new practices, as well as the Waikato District Council recreation reserve developments.

The Board of Trustees  would like to acknowledge the considerable contributions made to the school by outgoing board members Vicki Law and Maxime Ostermann (as Staff Representative) over the past three years. Voting papers for the 2016 elections (four Parent Representatives) are due by 12 noon Friday the 3rd of June and we encourage everyone to participate in the selection of the next Board of Trustees.