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Basic Facts A’Thon

posted Nov 1, 2017, 6:33 PM by Reception @TMCS

Wow!  Thank you everyone - what a phenomenal outcome! The huge support our Basic Facts A’thon received has improved our students basic facts understanding and skill levels and has also raised an incredible $9,174.90 to help towards our swimming pool!  

The following children received either whanau points and/or a prize due to their significant achievements:

Whanau Points

10 per child in either category and book for winner of most money, 20 for those who won the highest amount raised in their syndicate.

Most money raised in the class:

Greatest score/

percentage improvement:

Sam D


James I


Lucy W

Sienna Mc

Liam A

Costin R

Ella P

Kobe T

Emma P

Isaac K and Paxton M

Paige V

Daniel B

Mia P

Molly C


Emme H / Maxx G

Amelia R

Zeb K

Kara I


Liadan B

Lily P

Emily C

Chloe P

Olivia Q


Hanna L


Zoe T

Wills and Keana

Grace F

Sam L and Caleb W

Harper B

Ella B

Brock S

Blake Mc

Gizelle C

All students who got 100% in their post test also received five Whanau points.

Three classes won the POOL PARTY prize:

  • Kauri Two

  • Rata Nine

  • Manuka 16

Two classes won extra play time for getting their forms back first:

  • Kawakawa Three and Miro 13

Well done to you all!