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Basic Facts A’thon

posted Aug 18, 2015, 8:55 PM by Reception @TMCS

All of our students will be participating in the school BASIC FACTS A’THON. The focus will be on learning basic facts (Mathematics), and will range from simple addition facts to challenging examples using all four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We are doing this to get all the students to be super quick at recalling our basic facts for Maths. We are also raising money for a new swimming pool fund, more devices and class sound systems. The students will be asked to find sponsors – these can either donate a lump sum or a per fact amount, e.g., 10 cents. Please accompany your children when asking for sponsors and ensure they present the letter attached that verifies what the sponsorship is for.

The students will be asked to learn a range of basic facts at a suitable level. Practice examples will be given to students as well as the link to the KIDBLOG BASIC FACTS MATHS WEBSITE. This will be part of the homework tasks for the next few weeks.

The following is a timeline of the expectations for the next four weeks:

Week Four August 10th: Packs given out.



Week Seven- September 4th: Testing.

Week Eight- All money and sponsor’s forms back to school.

·         Whanau points- One point for participation.

·         Whanau points- Five points for 100% score in the test.

·         Prizes- These will be for the most money raised and for effort also.