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Ag Day Friday 16th October - First Friday of Term - Important Information!

posted Sep 22, 2015, 8:01 PM by Reception @TMCS

Agriculture Day – Friday 16th October 2015

We are celebrating our ‘Country School’ status with a whole week of Agricultural and Horticultural activities, culminating in our Ag Day on Friday  16th October.  We are continuing with the traditional A & P Show approach. Week 1 of Term 4 will be our ‘Agriculture Week’.

All of our children will be involved in our special rural day - agriculture as well as horticulture will be celebrated on the day. While children with farm animals and caged pets will be out with their animals, the rest of the children in the school will be involved in a section called Horticultural Happenings. These children will be creating a variety of displays and arrangements selected from the list below - also for judging.

On the day, all of our children will be able to enjoy seeing the young farm animals as well as the pets and horticultural creations. We will be able to enjoy these experiences together, with everyone around to enjoy the grand parade and prize giving.

Classrooms will be open for viewing on Friday 16th, to share some of the week’s activities. As well as this there will be specific judging areas to visit with the Friday Horticultural Happenings on display. Pet diaries are due at school on Monday 12th October.

We are looking forward to a great day and hope you are able to join us on this special day.

Horticultural Happenings

All children involved in this except those showing lambs, calves and kids. 

Here are the activities and equipment required to achieve these, for the 3 syndicate groups. These activities will be worked on by the children between 8:30am and 10:00am on Friday morning.


Taupiri Junior School Activities:-  

Sand Saucers  

Saucers (named on back) 

Small flowers and leaves

Miniature Gardens

Shoe box size containers. Trays

Pebbles, moss, mirrors, figures, animals flowers etc










Pirongia Middle School Activities:- 

Vegetables Animals    




Matchsticks etc

Named, safely wrapped vegetable knife – For teacher supervision.

Miniature Gardens

Shoe box size containers/ trays,

Pebbles, moss, mirrors, figures, animals, flowers etc

Floral Arrangement in Novel Container

Tin, boot, teapot, etc


Secateurs / scissors

Teachers will have secateurs available


Maungatautari Senior Syndicate:- 

Children to choose at least 2 from the following list. 


Materials for the making of.

Decorated Cupcake / Biscuit

Cupcake / Biscuit



Decorated Gumboot




Any other decorations felt necessary.

Vegetable Creations




Matchsticks etc

Named, safely wrapped vegetable knife – For teacher supervision.

Pet Rock



Glue or glue gun

Decorations e.g. googly eyes, pipe cleaners, glitter

























Fair and Honest Competition:-

As the Horticultural Happenings on Friday morning are to be judged, they have to be fully created by the children during their morning slot. This means that no pre cutting of vegetables etc is to be done prior to school. Practising at home is fine, but ultimately it is the children’s work that is to be judged.   

Safety:-  Glass, China, Knives, Scissors, Secateurs, skewers, etc.

Please have the children’s equipment clearly named and breakable items well wrapped. Small boxes and buckets can be useful. Sharp items also need to be carefully wrapped. Please send along only small vegetable knives along with a chopping board- all named. These are to be used under teacher supervision.

Programme for Agriculture day

·         8:30 start for all children

·         All farm animals to be registered at the tent on the back field.

·         Children arrive and go to designated areas for Ag Day or Horticultural Happenings (HH) activities.

·         Children with calves, lambs, or kids to remain with their animal and parents.

·         Caged pets including pet rocks are taken to the TCC then children are to join their class to work on their HH. All HH need to be completed by morning tea.

·         9:00 am – Ag. Judges start.   

·         10:30 HH Judging begins.

·         10:30-11:50 Groups to view caged pets, lambs, calves and kids.

·         11:50 Prizegiving on the back field - with the sound system on the field.

·         12:30 Lunch – A sausage sizzle will be cooked on the field.

·         12:45 on viewing of HH with parents only.

·         1.20 Classes view HH.

·         1:30 All caged pets must be taken home and pet rocks back to their classroom.

HH need to remain till 2:10pm for everyone to see and enjoy.

Children signed out may go with parents.

·         2.30 School Finishes