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Ag Day - Friday 18th October

posted Aug 14, 2019, 8:31 PM by Reception @TMCS

KIDS FOR SALE: If you are looking for a goat for Ag Day, please call Jenna on 027 575 8410. She has 2 super friendly goats available to purchase for $70.00 each. (no returns)

LAMBS: If you are looking for a lamb to raise for Ag Day please call Amy on 021 542 547. She is offering lambs to purchase and keep for $60.00. If you would like to have a lamb on loan for this years Ag Day, the fee will also be $60.00, which will be refunded on the return of a healthy WEANED lamb. Please note that the lamb must be weaned before being returned in order to receive the refund. NRM Lamb Start Mix is be available for sale from the office for $2.00 a bag.This is suitable to feed to lambs when they are more than 4 days old.


TROPHY RETURN: Could anyone who won an Ag Day trophy last year, please return it to the office.


ENTRY FORMS: All entry forms are available at the office and must be completed by Tuesday 24th September.

No animals are to be entered if they were born before the 1st July 2019.


CHICKENS: Eureka Poultry Farm have offered to supply chickens to any student wanting to enter a chicken for Ag Day. This was a very successful category that was added to last years event. The chickens will cost $20.00 each to purchase and you must purchase 2 or more chickens, as they need company. However, students will only enter their best chicken for Ag Day. The organising committee need orders for chickens to be made before Wednesday 25th September. Please pay by cash, and complete the order form at the office as soon as possible. The chickens will need to be collected from the TCC on the last day of term, Friday 27th September. You will need a box to transport your chickens and we suggest that you bring along some cash on the day to purchase the chicken growth feed. The chickens will be 6 weeks old, so will be on growth feed and should not require any heat lamps. However you will still need to ensure that they are kept in a warm area.


AG DAY JUDGES TALK/ANIMAL DEMO: This is scheduled for Friday 27th September at lunchtime. 


If you have any questions you can call either Sharon on 021 207 4778 or Tracy on 021 535 522.