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4th December Fun Run - Swimming Pool Fundraiser

posted Nov 18, 2015, 5:42 PM by Reception @TMCS

Thank you to everyone who is getting behind this initiative that our amazing Swimming Pool Committee have organised. We appreciate that not everyone wants their children to receive rewards when doing a good act of raising money for our future new school pool. The committee have selected this as a very effective fundraiser - many other schools of our size have achieved a $20,000 result from an event like this, without huge amount of parent hours going in.

Just to let you know how it works:

  • 55% of the money raised comes back to our school as cash

  • 25% goes straight back to the students in the form of the prizes

  • 20% goes back to the Adidas company, which helps cover all the material they print and supply, such as booklets, posters, certificates,  delivery of all the prizes and website information and administration costs etc.

  • In addition they are giving us $250 worth of sporting equipment and a huge amount of spot prizes for us to give out at the end of the run.

It is felt that this is a win win deal. Obviously the company also needs to generate money but this can be a quick and effective fundraiser for us.

We thank you for supporting this event. Maybe children could select a few rewards that others in the family may like and use it as a way to buy Christmas gifts!