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2015 Organisation and News Update

posted Dec 11, 2014, 7:11 PM by Reception @TMCS   [ updated Dec 14, 2014, 3:52 PM ]

We have already shared with you the exciting opportunities and movements for some of our staff. Here is a full catch up so everyone is in the picture for next year.

Staff Changes

  • We are sad, but also happy for Kane Fraser, that he has won a promotion position at Walton School and will take over as Deputy Principal there in January. Kane has been with us for three years and has been Our Teacher in Charge of Sport, Acting Senior Syndicate Leader and now Junior School Co - Leader and Year 2 Pod leader as well as our Rugby Facilitator. We will miss Kane - his - efficiency, ideas and sense of humour, as well as his wife’s beautiful cakes!  We wish the whole family all the best as you move into your new rural home and School.

  • We are very pleased to announce that we have managed to secure Steph Gardiner and Paula Dunton as permanent teachers at our School. Steph has been with us now for almost 2 years and Paula joined our team earlier this year. Both are wonderful vibrant and dedicated teachers and we are lucky to have them. We look forward to you both continuing to be part of our great team.


  • Our wonderful Belinda Goodwin has resigned her permanent position at our School to work for us part time and also be a Mum. Belinda has been with us for seven years and has put her heart and soul into her students and our School as a whole. Belinda was initially appointed as Maungatautari Syndicate leader and has held many leadership positions over her time with us. She is one who helped to put Nurturing into our Vision and she certainly emulates this. We will be very sad not to see Belinda’s smiling face every day but happily we have secured her for at least two days a week next year. Also as a mum at our school I’m hoping we may still see her every day.

  • Some of you have been asking about Bridget Hawthorn and we can now confirm - yes she is pregnant, and will be taking time away on maternity leave from Term 2 next year. An exciting time for the growing Hawthorn family. Bridget will also be working two days a week in classes next year, so we are still very lucky to have her as part of our team.

  • Steve Trotter who has been a home Dad this year and working for us part time - leading our IT and E-Learning, has also resigned his permanent position to continue in the same capacity. We are delighted to hear, he also is not leaving us completely. Steve is a tremendous IT/ E-learning leader and puts in 150%. Our systems and e-learning is benefiting hugely thanks to having Steve at home and available to us 2 days a week.


We are very happy to announce a number of new staff members who will be joining us in 2015:

  • Theresa Kewish is our new Librarian, who will also be helping out as a Teacher Aide. Theresa comes to us filled with ideas and experience in both areas as a Librarian at Te Pahu School and Teacher Aide at Te Rapa School.

  • Thomas Littlejohn will be joining our Maungatautari Syndicate in 2015 and comes to us all the way from Christchurch where he taught a Year 7 class and had responsibilities for sport at Middleton Grange Primary School. Tom has moved north to support his wife’s new position in Hamilton. At present Tom is teaching a Year 5 & 6 class at Te Kuiti Primary School.

  • Jo Metcalf, will be joining our Pirongia team of teachers. We are delighted to welcome Jo back to our School Community. Jo was a parent of our School for many years and also spent time with us as a student teacher. After five years of separation, Jo comes back to us from Hillcrest Normal School with a wealth of experience. Her son will also be joining us in Taupiri Syndicate.

  • Hayley Smit, a past student teacher of our School is returning to us in 2015. Hayley is well known to our staff and we are looking forward to having her smiling face back with us again. Hayley will be joining our Pirongia Syndicate team.

  • Amy McChesney, will be joining our Taupiri Syndicate for 2015. Amy trained later in life after a change of career from an Occupational Therapist. Amy brings many experience and skills to our position, including being a Mum!

We warmly welcome our new team members to our School Community and hope you have a very happy and successful time as part of our great team and community.

In 2015 our School Structure will be looking a little different with our roll growth.

Our School Structure and Organisation 2015

Maungatautari Syndicate 5 classes, Year 5 & 6

Yr 5 & 6

Karaka 15

Yr 5 & 6

Manuka 16

Yr 5 & 6

Mahoe 17

Yr 5 & 6

Pukatea 14

Year 5 & 6

Miro 13

Mr Dane Higgison

Mrs Annette Howard –

Syndicate Leader

(Mrs Paula Greaney Release)

Mrs Kerry Bennetts

& Mrs Belinda Goodwin (on Fridays)

Mr Tom Littlejohn

& Mrs Belinda Goodwin (on Thursdays)

Mrs Paula Dunton

Pirongia Syndicate - 5 classes, Year 3 & 4  

Yr 3 & 4

Nikau 1

Yr 3 & 4

Kauri 2

Yr 3 & 4

Kowhai 4

Yr 3 & 4

Matai 11

Yr 3 & 4

Tenekaha 12  

Mrs Gail Weston

Syndicate Leader

(Mrs Paula Greaney Release)

Mrs Jo Metcalf

Miss Irene Tolich

Ms Ann Marie Copponi

Mrs Hayley Smit

& Mrs Bridget Hawthorne (on Thursdays)

Taupiri Syndicate - 5 classes of Year 1 & 2 and a Reception class

Year 1 & 2  

Rimu 7

Year 1 & 2

Puriri 5

Year 1 & 2

Totara 10

Year 1 & 2

Rata 9

Year 1 & 2  

Pohutukawa 8

Miss Steph Gardiner

Mrs Sara Dennis

Reading Recovery

Mrs Maxime Ostermann   Syndicate Leader

Miss Laura Grant

Mrs Nicky Platje

Mrs Amy McChesney

& Mrs Gillian Stantiall (on Thursdays)

Yr 1 / New Entrants


Titoki 6

Year 1 / 0 New Entrants

Harekeke 18

Miss Julia Porter Transition  CoOrd.

Opening some time in Term 2

Class Room

Relieving Staff

Mrs Bridget Hawthorn

Mr Steve Trotter

Mrs Belinda Goodwin

Mrs Gillian Stantiall

Mrs Paula Greaney

Leadership / Administration  


Miss Waveney Parker

Deputy Principal &

Gifted & Talented Education

Mrs Lee Boyd

Assistant Principal  &

Special Needs Coordinator

Mrs Maxime Ostermann

Reading Recovery

In Training

Mrs Christine Gibson

Mrs Sara Dennis

E Learning Coordinator

Mr Steve Trotter

Administration Secretary

Mrs Kim Hansen

Financial Secretary

Mrs Lisa Boyd

Office Wiz

Mrs Heather Wilson

Caretaker / Property Manager  

Mr Allan Wickens

Teacher Aides                                                 After School Care

Mrs Rachel Coxhead

Mrs Karen Taylor

Mrs Heather Wilson

Mrs Jane Telfer

Mrs Gillian Joe

Mrs Jeannetta Brough

Mrs Angela Bell

Mrs Heather Wilson

Mrs Theresa Kewish

Mrs Jan Wilson

Music Tutors

Mrs Gill Earwaker

Piano / Keyboard

Mr Gerry Clark


Mr Darcy Perry

Ukulele, Trumpet, Harmonica

Mrs Carol Thompson

Beginner Music

Mrs Chris Young

Violin / Strings

Mrs Nicola Thomson


Mr Jeremy Badger

Guitar, Ukelele and Drums

Board of Trustees

Dave Houlbrooke

Chairperson / Personnel / Legislation / Property

Kath Untenahrer

Personnel / Self Review

Guy Irvine

ICT / Property / Health & Safety

Toni Sherlock

Personnel / Legal

Allan Spice

Marketing / Finance / Sponsorship

Vicki Law

Legal / Finance / Personnel

Aksel Jepsen

Yet to be confirmed

Karla Ward (Co-opted)

Yet to be confirmed

PTA Executive

Sabina Heke


Katherine Leamy

Vice Chairperson

Carol Coley


Camille Stranks


Camille Stranks

Pumpkin Night Coordinator

Howard Baker

Golf Co-ordinator

Now you are completely up to date with our changes and organisation for 2015. If possible we will be telling children their new classes before they head home next week.