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Pumpkin Night!

posted Apr 10, 2019, 9:15 PM by Reception @TMCS

What a fantastic evening. Thank you everyone!

What a stunning evening we had for Pumpkin Night 2019! The weather was perfect and the cooler evening allowed for a beautiful night for everyone. It is always such a wonderful occasion for our community to come together. Our children absolutely love it and it is great to see past students coming back to say hi. A highlight this year was our past pupils George Woolston and Jet Scott returning with their band to entertain us, along with other past pupils taking to the stage.

A special mention needs to be made of Carol Coley who has given of her time year after year to organise all the Pumpkin Night finances. This is her last year with us, so we would like to make a special mention to Carol, thanking her for the many hours she dedicated to the success of this event!. Also to Michelle Bassett who has her youngest child at our school - your work on the sweet stall is outstanding!

We all trust you enjoyed your time with us and had a great night. We look forward to sharing how much we have raised for the school and towards the Junior Playground ‘refurbishment’.

Special thanks go to the Pumpkin Night 2019 Team; Shelley Baker, Carol Coley, Lee Boyd, Anna Heslop, Kristyn Thomas, Kerri Hilton, Letitia Cambie, Melanie Devlin, Stephanie Mackintosh, Sharlene Woolston,Tessa Hargreaves, Adele Leyland, Ilse Lock, Karla Ward and  Shay Landon. This group of enthusiastic parents just got into gear and made our great night happen with every problem ironed out as it appeared. Hours of work that is hugely appreciated. Thank you all and thanks to your partners and families who have supported you through this busy time.

Thank you to all those who donated to the Pumpkin Night

  • Mr. Wickens and Mr. Doran - always going above and beyond.

  • Regal Haulage - for the truck that became our stage.

  • St. Peter’s - for gazebos, the food caravan and furniture.

  • New World Hillcrest - for delivering the food and providing a huge discount.

  • Girl on the Swing - cakes and cupcakes donated.

  • Tatua - for the cream.

  • Unichem Cambridge Pharmacy.

  • Fonterra and Tip Top - ice blocks and ice creams.

  • Waikato Homes - for donating the picnic table and lending their gazebos.

  • Bruntwood Nurseries - for lending their scales.

  • Coke - for donating water and juice.

  • CK Treeworks for raffle prizes.

  • Extreme edge for prizes.

  • LEAP for prizes.

  • A.S.B - for lending the BBQ’s.

  • Acorn - for lending the BBQ’s.

  • Coffee caravan from The Pentagon (Gracie).

  • Todd (Eva H’s Uncle) for the two large fryers.

  • Liz Donovan - for creating the poster.

  • The Dexter family- for all the hay bales for the Nerf Gun station.

  • To Mrs. Broughton - for bringing along hay bales for the stage from R.D.A.

  • To all our parents who donated items and their time. For your generosity with both donation of goods and your time with making of lolly necklaces, baking, helping with set up and break down that night and the following morning.

  • Black Dog - for donating the bar leaners and stools.

  • The Sunday Society - for lending their tables and bench seats.

  • Alex McMillan - for providing amazing horse rides for the children.

  • Red Bins - for providing the bins to our school.

  • CONVEX Plastics - for the bin liners.

  • Faculty of Education Student Teachers - for coming and helping on the night.

  • University of Waikato students - for coming and helping on the night.

  • Toby Ferguson - for bringing his tractor to tow the children for the magic carpet ride. What a legend!

  • X-Man - for amazing recycling.

We hope we haven’t forgotten anyone, plus all the families who have been so generous with your donations of chocolates and lollies, second hand books and clothes and for everyone who helped out on stands during the evening. Without everyone’s contribution this evening would not be the special occasion that it is.

Winners of Competitions


1st -  $600 grocery voucher  (Joanne Jogia)

2nd - Picnic Table (McLeod Family)

3rd -  $200 arborist voucher (Andrew King who has donated it back to the school)

4th -  $200 arborist voucher (Emily Choy)

5th -  $200 arborist voucher (Jude and Ted)

6th -  Xtreme Edge vouchers (Maria Vollebregt)

7th -  Handbag (Evan Vaughters)

Gumboot Throw


  • Rob Heke   $50


  • Jack Myles  $20


  • Jack C.        $10

Headstand Competition

Over 16 Male

  • Win Meyer-Rochow 2.26 minutes

Over 16 Female

  • Lee Boyd   2.10 minutes

Under 16 Male

  • Wilson B    13.48 minutes

Under 16 Female

  • Ella P           6.32 minutes


At this stage, a rough estimate of the profit made from Pumpkin Night is approximately $17,000 and this money will support the school with the majority going towards the extension/rejuvenation of the Junior Playground. Thank you to everyone!

Learning Conferences

posted Apr 10, 2019, 9:15 PM by Reception @TMCS

Thank you for the great support with our learning conferences. Research has shown that students achieve best when their parents/caregivers and teachers are all working with them in supporting them to achieve. Our near 100% turn out shows the value this community places on your children’s learning. Thank you. If you were unable to attend a conference, please touch base with your child’s teacher to make a suitable time to meet together.

Country Cluster Tabloids Postponement

posted Apr 10, 2019, 9:14 PM by Reception @TMCS

As already advised the Taupiri Country Cluster Tabloids was postponed today due to an unfriendly weather forecast and will now be rescheduled to take place in Term 4.

Accounts Reminder

posted Apr 10, 2019, 9:14 PM by Reception @TMCS

Just a little reminder about paying your accounts.

If you register your child/ren to play a sport, you need to make a prompt payment for this.  Unless you have a regular automatic payment in place, if you wait to be invoiced you

will be charged a $5 administration fee.

If you give your child permission to go on a trip ie Science Roadshow, you need to ensure that you make the payment or the $5 administration fee will be charged.

Any forms that are sent home or emailed regarding registering for sports or trips have these conditions clearly noted on them.

If you need new uniform or stationery for your child/ren, please do not send them to the office to get this without having made a payment.

School Uniform - winter options

posted Apr 10, 2019, 9:14 PM by Reception @TMCS

To ensure our students are all looking good in our uniform over the winter months please make sure your child / children are in our correct uniform. We have many warm layers of uniform that can be added to keep students warm but if you wish for your child to wear any under garments these need to be plain black, white or the same coloured green as our uniform. This also goes for socks and moderate hair accessories.

After School Friday - Pumpkin Night Shop Sale! - Lollies and treats for sale

posted Apr 10, 2019, 9:13 PM by Reception @TMCS

We are having a sale of lollies, lolly necklaces, ice creams, ice blocks, juice and water on Friday after school on the deck outside Pohutukawa 8. We have limited supplies which can be purchased for $1.00 to $2.00 and just a reminder that this is cash only.

Board of Trustee Election Forms - Is Your Address Correct?

posted Apr 10, 2019, 9:13 PM by Reception @TMCS

As you will be aware we will be holding our triennial Board of Trustee Elections with initial Nomination Forms being sent to parents and legal guardians in early May.

As this is a postal election, it is essential that our office holds up to date records for your family.  If you have moved in the last 18 months and have not advised us, or are unsure if you have, please contact our school office with current details as soon as possible.

Vela Pool Summer season ends. Disks back please.

posted Apr 10, 2019, 9:12 PM by Reception @TMCS

We have certainly had another wonderful summer for swimming and our students have clearly benefited from having such fantastic pool facilities to learn and train in. The improvements in swimming across all levels at our school has been fantastic to see, along with our school taking out the South East Hamilton Country relays as the finale for each inter school competition.

We hope families and lane swimmers have also enjoyed your season with us. Can we please have all disks returned to the school office so that we can sort them for next season. Community members please drop them in or post them back to us before 17th May.

A Golden Night

posted Apr 10, 2019, 9:12 PM by Reception @TMCS

Plans are moving ahead quickly for our ‘Golden Night’ ball that will be held at the Cambridge Raceway on Saturday 22nd June at 7pm.  Please note that the Ball is being hosted by Tamahere School, but we really want everyone to invite friends and families from outside our school community.  Also if you know Tamahere residents who don’t have children at our school please tell them about it and get them to save the date. PLEASE spread the word and mark the date on your calendar!  We promise it will be a night to remember! All funds raised will go towards upgrading the Junior Playground. This is an adults only event.

More information will be released in the first week of Term 2 and tickets will be on sale from Friday 3rd May.

Taupiri Trip about Change in our Community

posted Apr 10, 2019, 9:12 PM by Reception @TMCS

A special trip and entry was given to the new Tamahere Village Hub for our 130 Taupiri students,  as part of their study about change in our community. Thanks go to Rhys Harvey from Fosters for allowing us into this work environment and giving us a special tour and providing us with  interesting information on the Hub.

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