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Working Bee - Saturday 25th March

posted Mar 15, 2017, 2:20 PM by Reception @TMCS

Thank you to the kind parents who recently helped us to cover part of the school field with topsoil.  This enabled us to sow grass seed in preparation for the field being utilised for soccer commencing in Term 2.  We are grateful to those who were able to assist given such short notice. 

However, this is only half the job done.  We still have about 1800-2000 square metres that needs to have the same treatment overall.  The more difficult areas with lumpy bits, will require a tractor/grader, please let Allan Wickens know if you have access to one as we are having difficulty getting contractors to do the job as they are fully committed overall.  Essentially we are concentrating on putting topsoil into the narrow trenched lines and sowing grass in those areas primarily. 

The work involves shovelling and raking topsoil and sowing grass at the same time.  Based on what we've done already, we estimate that 10 people could complete the job in 4 hours (which means 20 people only need 2 hours.).  If Allan can get a good response he will order in extra topsoil to do the job.   Now is the perfect time to put down new grass.  Husbands and wives are all welcome!

IMPORTANT:   The job can be done at any time except Sundays.  If you cannot make the Saturday, any offer of help during the working week won't be turned down.  

TOOLS REQUIRED:   Shovel, rake, wheelbarrow .   Expect to get a bit dirty if the topsoil is wet.

Please contact Allan Wickens regarding any of the above  at

Thank you for your continued support.