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Weetbix Tryathlon - Important Information

posted Feb 1, 2018, 5:04 PM by Reception @TMCS

Dear Parents

It is less than a week before the big day – we have 43+ participants! All the information you require for the WEETBIX TRYATHLON next Sunday the 11th is in your child’s pack that will be delivered to the address you stated when you enrolled. Further information can be found on the website:

For those WHO HAVE SIGNED UP UNDER TAMAHERE SCHOOL ONLINE, I will send home a letter outlining where we will meet as a school and some reminders. If you have signed up at another school (because you are new to Tamahere) or you haven' t linked to our school, please feel free to join us on Sunday 11th February. 

Please look at the details and come prepared and ready to go with everything that is required.

·       Let’s meet by 7:30 at the school gazebo. Make sure all your 'checking in' has been done by then.

·       The school will have a sign set up with the Tamahere Model Country School logo on it. This will be positioned by the other school tents. This can be ‘home base’ for the team.

·       Bring lots to eat and drink.

·       If you would like to help cool the children down come ready with water to cool them down, i.e., to throw over them! Last year it was INCREDIBLY HOT!

·       Please get your children to bring a hat- it could be very hot.

·       Each child must be accompanied by their parent/caregiver. This is not a ‘drop and go’ event. There are risks to be managed and all children need a parent to help them.

·       Please come dressed and ready to go with togs, labels on your T Shirt, etc.

·       There will be a TEAM PHOTO taken after the prize giving at the finish chute. This is complementary.

·       For any queries here is the website to consult:

Health and Safety

1.       All students will be need to be fully supervised by their parent/caregiver.

2.       Transport to and from the event will need to be the responsibility of the parent/caregiver.

3.       Weetbix Tryathlon has clear Health and Safety policies that you as parents/caregivers have accepted when you entered your child in this event. These are found here:

4.       There are risks involved with this event. Some that must be considered by parents/caregivers are:

·       Road safety- transport to and from the event.

·       Water Safety-The children will be swimming in a 50 metre pool. The organisers do have volunteers to assist those having trouble in the water but it is advisable to be present in the pool area when your child swims.

·       Bike Safety- all students MUST wear a helmet, covered shoes and have a bike that is in working order.

·       Medical Safety- if your child requires medication you are required to bring this to the event and administer it if necessary.

·       Sun Safety- each child will require sunblock and a hat.

·       Lost Children- in this environment it is very easy to lose children and equipment.

If you have an easy to put up gazebo and would be happy to bring along to the event, please e- mail me to let me know:

Lee Boyd

Deputy Principal