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Weetbix Tryathlon

posted Feb 2, 2016, 12:02 PM by Reception @TMCS
The WEETBIX TRYATHLON is on Sunday February 14th. Thanks to all those who have
joined our school team. We have 55 students so far joining us! If you join now please

remember to link to our school. The event is at the University of Waikato. Check the website for all information:

Let’s meet by 7:30 at the school gazebo. Make sure all your 'checking in' has been done by then. Bring lots to eat and drink. If you would like to help cool the children down come ready with water to cool them down, i.e., to throw over them! Last year it was INCREDIBLY HOT! Please get your children to bring a hat- it could be very hot.


The school will have a gazebo set up with the Tamahere Model Country School logo on it. This will be positioned by the other school tents. This can be ‘home base’ for the team.


·     Each child must be accompanied by their parent/caregiver. Please come dressed and ready to go with togs, labels on your T Shirt, etc. There will be a TEAM PHOTO taken after the prize giving at the finish chute. This is complementary.

For any queries here is the website to consult: