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Thomas Wins NZ Championship!

posted Jun 6, 2016, 3:07 PM by Reception @TMCS

On Friday, Thomas Giltrap travelled to the National Poultry Show in New Plymouth to be a steward to the judge of the American Heavy Breeds section of the show.  His duties included writing names of prizewinners on prize cards and displaying them on the cages, placing prize stickers and generally helping the judge.  

Thomas also exhibited his own breed of poultry: black Australorp bantams.  He has been breeding and showing them for several years.  He faced stiff opposition, with over 30 birds in the Australorp bantam class, so he was amazed that one of his roosters won a New Zealand championship for Best in Breed!  One of his hens also won a second prize.  

There were over 1800 birds in the show, so it was the biggest poultry show Thomas had attended.  “It was a thrilling day,” says Thomas, “and I enjoyed the responsibility. I especially enjoyed listening to the judges debating the finer points of the birds.  I learnt a lot!”

Well done Thomas!