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School Cross Country Information All Ages

posted Aug 6, 2018, 6:57 PM by Reception @TMCS   [ updated Aug 6, 2018, 7:04 PM ]

Dear Parents and Caregivers,  

Our annual School Cross Country will be held on the 20th of August at our school using the new reserve.

Maungatautari and Pirongia will be holding their cross country during the morning blocks with the Taupiri cross country starting after lunch at 1pm.

Here is an outline of the days races:

Races will start at approx 10.00 am in this order:

Year 6 Girls

Year 6 Boys

Year 5 Girls

Year 5 Boys

Year 4 Girls

Year 4 Boys

Year 3 Girls

Year 3 Boys

Lunch approx 12pm-1pm

Year O Boys and Girls

Year 1 Girls

Year 1 Boys

Year 2 Girls

Year 2 Boys

We will require parent help for this day to be a success. If you are able to help please indicate on the form below or email Bridget Hawthorn or Ann Marie Copponi Parent helpers are required to meet at school at 9.45 am.

Children are to wear their Whanau shirts, suitable running shorts and running shoes. Please ensure your child has plenty of food and drink. A change into a warmer uniform is also encouraged.

Disclosure of Risk:- Below are the possible risks your child could be exposed to on this day and the safety measures that are in place. If you are not comfortable with your child being involved in this event please let your classroom teacher or the school office know so we can withdraw your child from this activity.

  1. Medical Safety - All students / parents are asked to ensure each child has their asthma inhalers with them and epi pens and other medication where required. Please ensure your classroom teacher is aware of your child’s medical conditions. Our teachers are 1st Aid trained and we will have first aid kits available.  

  2. Exhaustion / dehydration / exposure - All children need to have plenty of food and drink for the day and sunscreen along with enough warm clothes in case the weather changes. The forecast is for rain - so a waterproof rain coat, outside of our uniform may be carried if it provides more protection than our uniform.

  3. Loss - Every year whanau shirts and other items seem to go missing - please ensure all clothing items are clearly named and there are bags to carry them home. All students will be checked on the roll before getting on the busses at both ends. If parents are taking children home please ensure you tell the teacher concerned and sign your child out.

The Country Schools Cross Country will be held at Newstead Model Country School on Tuesday the 28th of August. This team will be selected from our top runners in Year 4-6.

Thank you,

Tamahere Model Country School Teachers


Country Cross Helper

I am able to help on the day:   Name: ___________________________________  (Please print)

I can help for the       Pirongia and Maungatautari Cross Country            or Taupiri Cross Country

(please circle)  


Contact Ph No: _________________________

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