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Parent Teacher Association - AGM Report

posted May 8, 2018, 4:32 PM by Reception @TMCS

Chairperson’s Report

April 2017 – May 2018

Once again this year we have been fortunate to have incredible support from a number of hard-working and committed parents who have ensured that all of our major fund-raising events have run successfully.  These events have in turn been supported by our wider school community and everyone involved has contributed generously in so many ways.

As Chair I offer my thanks to all those that have attended and contributed to our PTA meetings but especially to Camille Stranks for her major contribution to the PTA last year and Leah Shallcrass and Belle Woods for their incredible hard work and dedication in making sure that meetings happen and run successfully and that our finances are in order. All of this is done on top of the significant effort they put into the events and activities the committee supports. There would quite honestly be no PTA without them.

As a committee we acknowledge and thank Waveney, Tamsin and Steph and all of our teachers for their time and their support for the work of the PTA, alongside the incredible job they do of teaching and supporting our children.

We thank the Board of Trustees for their ongoing support and for their valued contributions to our meetings through Karla Ward and Gina Woodfield.

We also thank the teams involved in managing our major events, especially Pumpkin Night and the Golf Day. These events have once again been hugely successful and have contributed significantly to our overall net fund-raising tally of just over $26,000. Particular thanks also to Rosemary Dexter for her contribution to the sale of ice-blocks and cookies which raised a very impressive $2,600 this year.

For many of us on the committee, this year has been about learning and consolidating and we look forward to the coming year and the opportunity to reinvent and refresh the PTA and to redefining our vision and clarifying our role in creating a greater sense of community alongside our fund-raising efforts. We will seek to engage and enthuse new parents and to work more closely with other groups including Dad’s Army. We will aim to make our meetings fun and ensure that all those involved in the PTA and the activities we manage find the experience positive and rewarding.


Mike Calvert

PTA Chairperson