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posted Apr 4, 2018, 3:07 PM by Reception @TMCS
The School Lost Property room is overflowing....
There are currently a lot of non-school related stuff ie. a sleeping bag, helmets, t-shirts, shorts, thick down jackets, sports bags and a lot of swimming paraphernalia like caps, togs, towels and goggles. 

For many weeks now we have also had various pairs of toddler shoes and some big "adult" boots.  And then of course there is the ever present overload of spare socks and lunch boxes and water bottles.

PARENTS PLEASE  check your child's winter uniform now (before the holidays) so that they can come and claim any that are in the lost property, or come on in and have a look yourselves.  We have run out of space to keep them.  Most of the uniforms are very clearly marked and there are quite a few double ups where kids have either 2 fleeces or a fleece and a jacket in there.  Because it has been warm, I suspect the parents don't even know that they are missing uniforms.