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I.C.A.S. Exams 2015

posted Mar 2, 2015, 1:37 PM by Reception @TMCS

It is the time of the year that we start to organise and register children for the I.C.A.S. (International Competitions and Assessments for Schools) exams.  We feel this is a beneficial exam for many children to complete especially our above and well above achieving students.  I.C.A.S. provides an opportunity for all students in Years 4 to 13 to gain a measure of their own achievement in an external testing situation. It provides teachers, parents and students with comprehensive reporting of results in the areas of Computer Skills, English, Mathematics, Science, Spelling and Writing. The tests are an excellent preparation for national tests and the student report is useful for highlighting your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

All students receive a certificate and an individual student report indicating which questions they answered correctly and their score compared with the rest of the students tested. The certificate and individual student report are also suitable for your child to include in a portfolio.

If your child is a Year 6 student we strongly advise that you consider this option especially if they are wishing to be considered for the Academic Cup at the end of the year prize giving, as these results are a key component when assessing candidates.

The date and cost for each of these exams is outlined below. The closing date for exam entries will be MARCH 30TH.  No late entries will be considered so please ensure that your form and money is returned on time.

Kind Regards

Lee Boyd

Deputy Principal                                                                                                                      


I.C.A.S. Exams 2015

Closing date for payment and entries is MARCH 30TH 2015

Child’s name:___________________________

Class Name:____________________________

Indicate by a tick which exams you wish to enter. The entry fee per student is as follows:

  •    Computer Skills/Digital Technologies – 19 May 2015 (NZD8.50)
  •    Science – 3rd  June 2015 (NZD8.50)
  •    Writing – 15-19th June 2015 (NZD19.50)
  •    Spelling – 16th  June 2015 (NZD10.50)
  •    English – 28th  July 2013 (NZD8.50)
  •       Mathematics – 11th  August 2015 (NZD8.50)
  •    All of the above (NZD64.00)

Payment made:_________________ (amount) by cash/E.F.T.P.O.S./ bank transfer