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ICAS Assessments

posted Mar 3, 2019, 3:17 PM by Reception @TMCS

ICAS Assessments, which we have offered at our school over many years, has undergone a new upgrade and focus for 2019 and moving forward.  ICAS is part of an Australian company that organises different forms of assessment for New Zealand and Australian schools.  ICAS assessments are just one aspect of what they offer and the only aspect that suits our learning needs.  

ICAS is designed as an academic excellence assessment which targets GATE (Academic Gifted and Talented) children who would like to have another opportunity to see how they think in relation to other children across the two countries.  The curriculum this is designed around is the Australian curriculum which is quite different from ours so has a different flavour to the test.  The assessment challenges the children to think beyond the classroom and is not necessarily linked to classroom content which is important to understand before sitting.  Success or challenges with this assessment does not have a direct link to classroom practice or a child's overall academic ability.

The Assessments are going to be administered digitally this year which is different to pen and paper of the past.  There is also a difference with the time frame in which these are done.  This year they will all be held in September compared with over several terms in the past.  Further information will be sent out about this once the company has confirmed the organisation at their end.  Once we know we will inform you.  Children do not need to book in just yet which is different from past years.