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Flemish Giant Bunnies

posted Feb 26, 2017, 5:06 PM by Reception @TMCS

Our 3 female Flemish Giant bunnies were visited by a free ranging male rabbit and the result was a joint litter of 14 baby bunnies.  The mummies and babies are very friendly and come to greet me every morning, especially if I have some yummy dandelions.  

As this is a large breed of rabbit the babies will need a larger than normal cage and lots of room to run around.  They will also need a lot of attention as they love company.  They are not too keen on being picked up, probably as they are just too big for the kids to handle, but they will eat out of your hand, sit on our lap, and come when called.

Please contact me if you can give one or two of these rabbits a good, loving home.  

Phone: Marianne Roberts on 021 2950 200 or email: