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Dad's Army Working Bee

posted May 4, 2015, 8:51 PM by Reception @TMCS
Have you seen our recently felled willow trees?  

We are excited to be developing this area as an extension of the Junior Playground and to get this underway Dad's Army is holding a working bee on Sunday 24th May from 8am.  It is expected to be a full day's work and all dads are welcome to join for whatever time they can contribute.  Work will involve preparing and placing stepping stones from rounds, laying bark and concreting.  Please bring rakes and shovels.  Postponement date will be 31st May.

If you know of anyone skilled in carving who would be willing to assist - please let us know!  Ideas for the development of this area and the project in its stages so far are shown in the slideshow below:

Willow Tree Project