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Child Resilience Programmes

posted Mar 15, 2018, 6:01 PM by Reception @TMCS

Dear Parents / Caregivers,

In today’s society children, youth and families are faced with a number of stresses and challenges on a day-to-day basis.  Research has shown that children and youth who are resilient (can bounce back and cope with day-today life experiences) are more likely to succeed at school, develop healthy peer relationships and are less likely to develop mental health problems.  Given this information, it is important that we take an active approach in teaching children, youth and families how to build their resiliency when faced with the stresses of life.

We have invited Jenny Bell from Jenny Bell Oranga to speak to our school community on Monday April 9th 6:15 p.m. in the School Library and invite you to attend. Jenny will give a short presentation on resilience and the FRIENDS programs. Following that, there will question time and an opportunity to speak privately with Jenny.

You will have the opportunity to enrol your child in a FRIENDS program, run at school and facilitated by Jenny. Groups are small (2 -5 children per group) and we will run multiple groups, based on demand. Jenny is kindly supporting our School community by offering this service at a heavily discounted price.

The FRIENDS for life programme is a well-researched and innovative programme designed to assist children, youth and their families to learn important life skills.  The skills and techniques taught in the FRIENDS programme help children and youth to cope with stress and anxiety as well as learning to manage difficult and challenging situations.  FRIENDS addresses mind (cognitive), body (physiological) and behaviour (learning) processes which are seen to interact in the development, maintenance and experience of stress, and anxiety. Your child will learn how to deal with difficulties, to recognise signs of anxiety, relaxation strategies for staying calm, to develop positive thinking, how to focus on solutions to problems and not the problems themselves, how to face their fears as well as learning conflict resolution strategies.

If you would like to attend this meeting please email to register your attendance.

“It is our aim that your child (ren), your families and community will both enjoy the FRIENDS for Life program and will benefit from learning practical, useful skills for coping with stress, worry, fear and day-to-day challenges.”