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posted Apr 12, 2018, 2:27 PM by Reception @TMCS

Parents - have you had a chance to search through lost property yet, we are still overflowing with clothes, shoes, and many other bits and pieces.

Tamahere Village Commercial Hub, Recreation Reserve and Piazza

posted Apr 10, 2018, 9:36 PM by Reception @TMCS

(update from 3rd April)

Concrete will be poured for the floors of the first two buildings of the Tamahere Village commercial hub this week.

Tony McLauchlan of Foster Develop says that civil works on the site are well under way and he expects the first stage of the village, including the adjoining Piazza and Recreation Reserve to be finished by November 2018.

The commercial hub comprises four blocks.  One block will be tenanted by Tamahere Fine Foods, with the second block tenanted by a medical centre, pharmacy, hair and beauty salon and sushi shop.  

There is still 535 sq m available in this block on the first floor, which will overlook the piazza.

Tenants are still being sought for the other two blocks in the village.  

One block is intended to be focused around hospitality and food, with ideal tenants including a café and gastro pub/restaurant.  

The remaining block is flexible enough to accommodate a wide variety of uses that would service the needs of the local community.

Mr McLauchlan says he is looking forward to progressing the project this year.

“Fosters are excited to be involved in helping Waikato District Council deliver Tamahere Village and believe that it will be a great addition to the Tamahere community,” he said.

Meanwhile Waikato District Council’s Acting General Manager Service Delivery Jacki Remihana confirmed that the contract for the development of the recreation reserve and piazza had been awarded to Foster Construction.

The work includes construction of the playground, shared paths, landscaping, piazza development, cricket pitch, skate park, basketball half-court, wastewater and water systems for future toilet facilities, and provision for carparks and associated bus shelter and furniture.

The sports fields are still about six weeks away from being able to be used as the grass needs a bit more time to establish itself.

But Waikato Lacrosse has booked space for use in May for its secondary schools league.

“After a long period of design work, planning and engagement, this year the community will notice a lot of visible work going on.

“We’re really looking forward to the completion of this project that will meet the recreation needs of the local community and become a quality destination in our district,” said Ms Remihana.

Those interested in enquiring about a tenancy option at the Tamahere Village should contact Tony McLauchlan by e-mail at, or phone (021) 278 5208.


For more information please contact:

John Brown

Senior Communications Advisor

Waikato District Council

027 889 3084

Pumpkin Night Success!

posted Apr 10, 2018, 6:50 PM by Reception @TMCS

The Pumpkin Night committee and PTA are pleased to announce that a $15000 profit  was made this year! This is a fabulous result and the money will benefit our school and students across many different areas.

Many thanks to all our school families and Tamahere Community for their support of this wonderful event.

Enviro Holiday Challenge

posted Apr 9, 2018, 2:04 PM by Reception @TMCS


It is Whio awareness month from March through to the end of April this year.  Whio is the very special blue duck on our ten dollar bill.  Check out this website for some great activities you can particpate in to learn more about this important and vulnerable bird.  

There is a colouring competition which you can either pick up from the school office or download from this site if you forget to get one before the end of term.  


posted Apr 4, 2018, 3:07 PM by Reception @TMCS

The School Lost Property room is overflowing....
There are currently a lot of non-school related stuff ie. a sleeping bag, helmets, t-shirts, shorts, thick down jackets, sports bags and a lot of swimming paraphernalia like caps, togs, towels and goggles. 

For many weeks now we have also had various pairs of toddler shoes and some big "adult" boots.  And then of course there is the ever present overload of spare socks and lunch boxes and water bottles.

PARENTS PLEASE  check your child's winter uniform now (before the holidays) so that they can come and claim any that are in the lost property, or come on in and have a look yourselves.  We have run out of space to keep them.  Most of the uniforms are very clearly marked and there are quite a few double ups where kids have either 2 fleeces or a fleece and a jacket in there.  Because it has been warm, I suspect the parents don't even know that they are missing uniforms.

School Photo Day - Including Family/Sibling Photos

posted Apr 3, 2018, 4:59 PM by Reception @TMCS

The Photolife team will be joining us during week 3 of Term 2 on Thursday 17 May taking our class and individual photos.  There will also be an opportunity for family/sibling photos to be taken - please visit the office for a flyer with details on how to request a family or sibling photo.

Please keep a look out for the flyer coming home early next term with details of how to purchase and view class and individual photos.

Child Resilience Programmes

posted Apr 3, 2018, 3:14 PM by Reception @TMCS

Dear Parents / Caregivers,

In today’s society children, youth and families are faced with a number of stresses and challenges on a day-to-day basis.  Research has shown that children and youth who are resilient (can bounce back and cope with day-today life experiences) are more likely to succeed at school, develop healthy peer relationships and are less likely to develop mental health problems.  Given this information, it is important that we take an active approach in teaching children, youth and families how to build their resiliency when faced with the stresses of life.

We have invited Jenny Bell from Jenny Bell Oranga to speak to our school community on Monday April 9th 6:15 p.m. in the School Library and invite you to attend. Jenny will give a short presentation on resilience and the FRIENDS programs. Following that, there will question time and an opportunity to speak privately with Jenny.

You will have the opportunity to enrol your child in a FRIENDS program, run at school and facilitated by Jenny. Groups are small (2 -5 children per group) and we will run multiple groups, based on demand. Jenny is kindly supporting our School community by offering this service at a heavily discounted price.

The FRIENDS for life programme is a well-researched and innovative programme designed to assist children, youth and their families to learn important life skills.  The skills and techniques taught in the FRIENDS programme help children and youth to cope with stress and anxiety as well as learning to manage difficult and challenging situations.  FRIENDS addresses mind (cognitive), body (physiological) and behaviour (learning) processes which are seen to interact in the development, maintenance and experience of stress, and anxiety. Your child will learn how to deal with difficulties, to recognise signs of anxiety, relaxation strategies for staying calm, to develop positive thinking, how to focus on solutions to problems and not the problems themselves, how to face their fears as well as learning conflict resolution strategies.

If you would like to attend this meeting please email to register your attendance.

“It is our aim that your child (ren), your families and community will both enjoy the FRIENDS for Life program and will benefit from learning practical, useful skills for coping with stress, worry, fear and day-to-day challenges.”


posted Mar 28, 2018, 6:42 PM by Reception @TMCS

Parents and children PLEASE check the School Lost Property before the end of term. We are overflowing with clothes, towels, shoes, lunch boxes and many other items.

We have spoken to our children about making sure they are wearing the correct hats and clothing as it is not fair for families to have to purchase new items when someone else is wearing theirs. Keeping clothing well named helps


posted Mar 28, 2018, 6:42 PM by Reception @TMCS   [ updated Apr 4, 2018, 2:57 PM ]

School Sores - Impetigo

posted Mar 19, 2018, 7:25 PM by Reception @TMCS

Just a note to let parents know that we have had several cases of school sores amongst the children.
What to watch for...

Impetigo usually starts as little blisters. These then break and start to weep, usually pus, and sometimes clearer liquid. The weeping patches tend to grow larger. Yellow or brownish scabs then form which can burn or itch.

Impetigo can also starts as any lesion (bite, damaged skin) that doesn't heal and develops a crusty scab. Sometimes it looks like a rash– which may begin as a single spot, but if a person scratches, it may spread to other areas. Impetigo can be spread to other people by contact with the sores. The sores are most infectious when there is weeping or crusting.

As soon as you think your child might have impetigo, take them to the doctor. Treatment will depend on how severe the infection is. The doctor may prescribe a course of antibiotic tablets. These are usually taken over seven days. Antibiotic creams and ointment are sometimes used. 

Carefully follow the treatment from your doctor. If prescribed oral antibiotics, continue taking the medicine for the full course, even if the sores look to have healed. Oral antibiotics can sometimes have side effects. Report any diarrhoea, stomach upsets or skin rashes to your doctor or practice nurse.

If the child does not get better with treatment or if the sores return, contact your doctor, as you may need a different treatment or further investigation into the cause. More severe cases may require antibiotics, taken by mouth.

Impetigo sores can look alarming and may be difficult to manage, especially if they are on the face.  Dry sores do not need to be enclosed but weeping sores should be washed and kept covered (dressed).

Impetigo is very contagious. Follow your doctor’s advice about when the child can return to school or preschool.

  • Make sure you have your own towel, soap and face towels, and never share them (disposable paper towels are useful).
  • Keep bed linen, clothes and towels separate.
  • All family members should use an antibacterial soap – flowing soap pump packs are ideal.
  • Keep fingernails cut short. Avoid scratching or picking at sores.
  • Keep sores covered with a dressing, such as gauze and tape.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before preparing food.
Follow this weblink for more information

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