• Week 1 Term 4 2014

    Welcome Back Everyone! We hope you had a fun, relaxing and happy holiday. We are thoroughly enjoying having your refreshed, and eager to learn, students back with us for Term 4.

    Welcome to Mrs Janet Glenn and here new students who have now settled into Harakeke 18, our latest New Entrant Class for the year. This class has started with 8 students but will increase during the term.

    We have enrolled 15 new students this week and apart form our 5 year olds, many have come from overseas and the South Island. Lily G, Milly H, Max H, Zarah H, Taira L, Finn L, Jamie L, Will L, Tobias M, Ellie M, Lily M, Oscar N, Hayley S, Daniel W, and Sophia W.  Welcome to you all, we hope you and your families have a very happy and successful time as part of our School.

    Special Welcome also to Tony a Royal New Zealand Federation of the Blind (RNZFB) - Guide Dog Puppy - a black labrador of 14 months old. Tony is staying with me for the next 3 - 4  months due to his initial puppy walker being unable to continue his care. After his stay with us and getting more socialisation and developing better guiding skills he will head to Auckland for his intensive training. A very special dog who has a very special calling in life. Tony has settled in well and our students have been amazing. When Tony is wearing his red coat he is ‘working’ and we just try to ignore him and not touch him or call his name so he can concentrate on being good and doing what he will need to do to help guide a blind person. 

    Ag Day Tomorrow - This is always a very special day in our school calendar and a busy one for parents with the support required to transport; animals, flowers, vases etc. and encourage your children with their activities.  Thank you for your support. We should be in for a lovely day - weather wise. All Ag Day information can be found in the email sent out today and click this link for our days outline.  

    Sun Safe Term - Term 4 is a Sun Safe Term - all students need to be wearing their hats every day. Also a reminder that all students need to be wearing T shirts and tops that cover their shoulders. Thank you for the support.  

    We will share our Curriculum learning journey next week after everyone has got through Ag Day.

    Board of Trustee Elections - This Term we are holding the Mid-Term Board Election. All families should be getting nomination forms sent to your homes over the next few days. Our School runs on the system of split elections so that we always have some experienced members of the Board. It does however mean we have very regular Board Elections. This election we have 3 positions available. If you are interested in becoming a board member please feel free to discuss this with myself or any member of the current Board of Trustees.
    Posted Oct 15, 2014, 12:41 AM by Steve Trotter
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Writer's Corner

Today we are pleased to celebrate a piece of writing with you written by Caitlyn W, a Year 4 (9 year old) student at our school.

Click on this link
to take you straight there. Congratulations on a wonderful piece of writing - well done!

Thursday 6 November, 7pm, TCC.  Only two weeks to go!  Doors open at 6pm. Tickets are $30 from the School Office or email carolbevin@gmail.com, for a fabulous night out. 

  • Notice to all Sunday Soccer Families To all those families who enjoy playing Sunday soccer, we have now moved the soccer goals to make way for cricket and athletics.  Unfortunately, significant damage was done to our ...
    Posted by Reception @TMCS
  • Friday & Saturday Cricket Draws Please follow this link for this week's Friday Night and Saturday Cricket draws.
    Posted by Reception @TMCS
  • Weetbix Tryathlon ​ I will be organising a WEETBIX TRYATHLON team for 2015. Hamilton – Sunday 15th February 2015I have registered our school and when registrations are ready to be added, I will ...
    Posted by Reception @TMCS
  • Tamahere Inorganic Rubbish Collection from Sun 16th November It’s time to dig out the unwanted goods for this year’s inorganic rubbish collection.The Waikato District Council will collect inorganic refuse such as unwanted furniture, lawnmowers, carpet ...
    Posted by Reception @TMCS
  • Dental Therapist Visit Friday The Peachgrove Community dental Therapist will be coming to school this coming Friday the 24th  as part of our preventative fluoride programme. We will be seeing the children with ...
    Posted by Reception @TMCS
  • Music Mini Concert at Tamahere School! Hi There Folks,Music House are proud to showcase some of the talented students from Tamahere School in a mini concert.  Parents of musicians please join us in celebrating your ...
    Posted Oct 19, 2014, 5:38 PM by Reception @TMCS
  • Scholastic Book Fair When:     Monday 3rd Nov, Tuesday 4th Nov, Wednesday 5th Nov.Where:    Tamahere School Library.Time:      2:30pm - 5:30pmScholastic Book Fairs provide an exciting range of recently published children ...
    Posted Oct 16, 2014, 12:33 PM by Reception @TMCS
  • Rugby Round-off Another successful season of rugby has come to an end at Tamahere School.  We fielded four teams this year in three different grades.  Many players were new to the game ...
    Posted Oct 15, 2014, 1:10 PM by Reception @TMCS
  • Car Keys Found A remote access car key has been found on school grounds.  If you have misplaced your keys please visit the school office.
    Posted Oct 14, 2014, 6:10 PM by Reception @TMCS
  • Ezlunch by Text Order Ezlunch by TXT!Computer not on? Racing out the door? Then why not order by text - order a combo lunch for Friday before 9am .  To do this on your ...
    Posted Oct 14, 2014, 4:28 PM by Reception @TMCS
  • Dental Clinic Fluoride Treatments The nurses from the Peachgrove Community Dental Clinic will be coming on Friday 24th October (changed from 28th October) to apply a second fluoride treatment to those children who are ...
    Posted Oct 14, 2014, 4:15 PM by Reception @TMCS
  • Board of Trustees Mid Term Election Nomination forms and an explanation notice will be posted today to eligible voters for the Tamahere School Board of Trustees Mid Term Election where  we have 3 spaces to be ...
    Posted Oct 14, 2014, 1:38 PM by Reception @TMCS
  • Sun Hats and Sun Safe Clothing Thank you for the wonderful start to our term with most students wearing hats and sun safe clothing! Remember students must wear covered shoulder clothing (no singlet tops) for boys ...
    Posted Oct 13, 2014, 7:51 PM by Reception @TMCS
  • Sponsorship Thanks We are grateful to have received support from our new platinum sponsors Z.B Homes who have made a generous donation to our school!  Thanks also to our silver sponsors ...
    Posted Oct 15, 2014, 5:48 PM by Reception @TMCS
  • Wot Not to Wear School Fundraiser  Thursday 6 November, 7pm, TCC.  Doors open at 6pm. Tickets are $30 from the School Office or email carolbevin@gmail.com, for a fabulous night out.  
    Posted Oct 13, 2014, 5:52 PM by Steve Trotter
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