• Week 2 Term 4 2014

    Another wonderful Ag Day

    What a wonderful day we had last Thursday. Children loving and encouraging their pets, creating works of art with flowers and vegetable and proudly enjoying  the support of their families generates a very special atmosphere. The slightly overcast day was perfect for us. Thank you so much to Lisa Ogilvy and Sarah Wilkinson-Hart for coordinating such an outstanding day.  

    Ag Day2014

    Curriculum / Learning and Teaching

    Our Term 3 learning focus of ‘The Arts in Context’ was certainly embraced and celebrated by our whole school and parent community. The three wonderful productions that were created as an end product of the learning and teaching were a vivid presentation that all parents could see, be involved in and enjoy.

    This term our ‘big idea learning’, revolves around Structures and Systems with the curriculum focus being Science and Technology. In Science the strand being looked at is Planet Earth and Beyond. In Technology we will be looking at the nature of technology its systems, characteristics and practice. Understand that technology both reflects and changes society and the environment and increases people’s capability.

    In Planet Earth and Beyond – Earth Systems:- Students will investigate and understand the spheres of the Earths system for example; geosphere (land), hydrosphere (water), atmosphere (air), and biosphere (life).

    Structure and Systems:-

    Identify how things are connected, arranged and organised to create actions and reactions.

    Inquiry Learning:-This term for the first time our staff are trialling our new TIL - Tamahere Inquiry Learning Tree – which is a structure we have developed as a staff to facilitate our Inquiry Learning and teaching process.

    Each syndicate will take their own learning journey from this framework.


    In our Year 0 and 1 pod we will be discovering how important water is to us and the world we live in. We will investigate where our water comes from (the water cycle) and how our water becomes safe to drink. At the conclusion of our inquiry the children will create a resource that will encourage others to look after our precious taonga, WATER.

    This term the Year 2 Pod will be focusing on Structures and Systems through the context of Our Kiwi Backyard Christmas.  The focus of our learning will be Weather. The scientific side: We will delve into the different types of weather patterns, how these are created and some of the affects weather has on our environment.  Children will experience theory and practical lessons to ensure meaningful and deep learning takes place.

    The technology side: We will then use this new understanding to design an appropriate shelter that will be weather proof.  Children will be supported the technological process of identifying an opportunity, design and making.  This will be an enjoyable and contextual way to round of the unit and show understanding of the taught topic.

    Throughout this unit we will be using a number of hooks and learning experiences to engage the children.  We cannot let you into these yet as they are top secret but we are certain the children will keep you informed as these events happen!


    Our Syndicate will investigate and understand the spheres of the Earths system: The Atmosphere, The Hydrosphere, The Geosphere, The Biosphere and the relationship between the sun and the earth.  Children will work in a rotation with each teaching focusing on a Sphere.   Children will apply their knowledge of the Earth’s Systems to design a spaceship to land on a newly found planet close to Mars.  Children will collectively agree on the Sphere’s and systems of the new planet. A session working with LEGO, designing a Lunar Module and a Satellite will form the basic skills required of them to plan and design their own Lunar Module Capsule, keeping the new planets systems in mind.  


    The Inquiry for Maungatautari this Term is looking at the earth’s structures and systems.  We will be approaching this concept with an ‘energy’ slant, where the children will become familiar with earth’s natural resources and how we use these for energy. The children will be given the opportunity to create a presentation that showcases deep understanding of a chosen natural resource and how our lives are impacted by this and how in turn we impact on it. We hope to conclude this learning with some kind of communication that may involve the school, local and wider community.

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Writer's Corner

Today we are pleased to celebrate a piece of writing with you written by Caitlyn W, a Year 4 (9 year old) student at our school.

Click on this link
to take you straight there. Congratulations on a wonderful piece of writing - well done!

Wot Not to Wear School Fundraiser  Thursday 6 November, 7pm, TCC.  Only two weeks to go for this hilarious comedy starring Suzie Johnson from Oosh!  Tickets are $30. We are selling tickets at Iceblock Friday this week after school, plus next week 28-31 Oct before and after school outside room 15 (Senior Block).  You can also get tickets from the School Office or email carolbevin@gmail.com, for a fabulous night out of laughs, pre-show mingling and bubbles.  Doors open at 6pm.


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