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    Hi Everyone

    Swimming Pool update:- One more piece of paper to get through Council and then our next exciting phase can begin! This weekend, on Sunday we are hoping for a Dad’s Army working bee to take off the old changing shed roof, dismantling  seating and taking down hooks etc as well as taking up some of the paving stones in preparation for demolishing the old pool. From Monday 10th it will be all go on our site with safety fencing being erected  and diggers starting to dig a couple of big holes. For those of you who live in the area we suggest that you use Wiremu Tamihana Drive rather than drive around our School corner over the next couple of weeks.

    Huge thanks go to the businesses who are so generously supporting this exciting project with products, discounts and free labour and machinery. Our pool could not be started without your amazing generosity and we are hugely appreciative.

    Although we are starting our project we still require $120,000 more to ensure we reach completion without any extra debt to the Board.  Every family will receive a swimming pool sponsorship and donation flyer today, please click here to see it again. We are seeking lane sponsorship, seating and advertising sponsorship as well as naming rights. If you know of any businesses who may be able to support us, we would really appreciate you spreading the word on our behalf and letting the office know who we could approach for a follow up. Soon we will have this all linked into our web site so that people can click on and make their donations. Thanks to Claire Ruffell and Jodi Bennett once again, for their support with their graphic design and photography talents.

    We are also going to have a family & supporters wall for each family who donates $250, having recognition in the form of a tile possibly in the shape of a fish. We hope you will be able to support us with this. Donations will be able to receive the 33% rebate in your tax returns. Some families may want a fish for each child, to celebrate their name up on our supporters wall after they have left our school.

    Impacts:- Parking and Road Safety - Please be aware that coming back next term there will be a number of inconveniences with the pool construction happening. There will be less car parking in the area by the tennis courts and there could be larger trucks and vehicles parked up on the grass area. The gate by the tennis courts will not be available for any public to go through, so we advise that you may wish to change parking areas for Term 3.

    Also our back field will be significantly impacted and the main soccer field will not be available for use.

    Posted Jul 5, 2017, 8:55 PM by Steve Trotter
  • Hockey Safety and Turf

    Hockey Safety and Turf

    Hockey Ball Safety:- A few weeks ago their was an incident where a hockey ball was hit right over the high tennis court surround fence (around 3m in height) and landed on a car. At Primary level hockey, balls should never be hit at height like this but accidents can happen, especially with inexperienced players. Our concern is for the safety of children and others passing around the courts and where hockey is being played. We now ask that all hockey teams use a soft ‘cricket ball style’ ball rather than the hard ball when practicing at our school.

    Offer of free Turf

    As a School, we are delighted that we have 70 Children in hockey this year with 9 hockey teams representing our school each week in the Friday and Saturday leagues. We would like to acknowledge once again the time and commitment from the coaches, managers and supporting parents who make this opportunity possible for our students. As a School and Board we also acknowledge the limitations and frustrations that this group has when it comes to having an appropriate surface to practice and play on. We acknowledge this also for our Netball teams who at times find the tennis court area slippery.

    Earlier this year we were offered part of the old Gallagher Hockey turf to use at our school. The opportunity sounded wonderful but when we looked at this as a staff and Board we realised that sometimes a free gift can become a significant problem and lead to other costs and challenges. Having a quality, multi use, astroturf at our school is certainly in the future plans but at present with our growing roll and lack of space for many activities, putting down a 10 year old surface that does not fit the needs of all sports and learning activities that we require of it, is not a good decision going forward. We would like to share some of the issues discussed around this so people are aware it was thought about extensively. Click here If you are interested to see a few of our thoughts, questions and findings around the free hockey turf opportunity.

    We wanted to share this with our supportive hockey parents to show that we have taken time to look at this issue and show that we appreciate your initial ‘Can Do’ attitude to make it happen.

    Posted Jul 5, 2017, 8:21 PM by Reception @TMCS
  • Before School Care

    From Week 1 Term 3 we are trialling a Before School Care (BSC) service as requested by families. This will be a warm, cosy and inviting place for early morning starts.  

    As has always been the case, for health and safety reasons our school is not open before 8:00am.  If your child will be onsite prior to 8:00am, they must be signed into BSC and you will be invoiced.  From the beginning of Term 3, no one can be onsite before 8am unless they are signed in at BSC for children’s safety on our large campus.

    A notice was sent home today detailing more about this service, please follow this link to read it online.

    Posted Jul 5, 2017, 8:19 PM by Reception @TMCS
  • Uniform

    When we return to school after the holidays, we will begin Term 3 enforcing our adjustments to our school uniform.  These are summarised below:

    Base Layers

    Following feedback we are now allowing base layers to be worn in Terms 2 & 3 only.  These base layers need to be in a solid/plain, black, white or same-green colour, so as not to detract from the look of our smart uniform, both for arms and legs. i.e. faded or discoloured cottons etc may be deemed unsuitable.



    After discussions we have extended our sock colour to include the same-colour green as well as the solid / plain black and white options. Children are often only wearing socks inside so this keeps our uniform look.


    Hair Ties

    Once again to keep a uniform look, rather than rabbits ears and huge bows etc. Hair ties need to be simple and plain. These can be black, white, yellow, and same green. On Whanau Fridays and when our colourful Whanau shirts are being worn the more ornate hair bows and regalia may be worn.


    Are to be as originally stated, a personal choice as long as they are sensible practical shoes, not heels and high-boots, except for gumboots.

    We expect all children to wear the school uniform with a sense of pride and we appreciate your support with this important matter.  From next term, any students not wearing correct uniform will bring home a slip regarding this.

    Change of Clothes

    As we come back from term 3, anyone playing sports on the back field will need to bring a change of clothes for the lunch hour and then change back into their uniform at the conclusion of lunch.

    Posted Jul 5, 2017, 8:18 PM by Reception @TMCS
  • Your Lunch Box

    Next term we are introducing Your Lunch Box as a lunch options for our school families.  Please see below for details:


    Introducing ‘Your Lunch Box’ – wholesome kids lunches made fresh and delivered to school daily.

    If you’ve been to the Paddock Café, you might have spotted chef, Sophie Beck in the kitchen. Sophie has a stellar CV – including stints at O’Connell St Bistro in Auckland, Salt Restaurant in Tokyo and the world famous River Café in London.

    Sophie is taking on a new challenge and is launching ‘Your Lunch Box’ – an online subscription service making wholesome, healthy and really tasty lunches for local school kids 5 days a week. Your Lunch Box is delighted to be pairing up with Tamahere Model Country School and helping to save time for busy parents whilst serving delicious, exciting healthy meals to keep the kids going throughout the day.

    Website is currently under construction and will be live and ready for orders on the 21st of July.


    School is 5 days a week, so we make lunches 5 days a week. They will arrive at the school’s office at 9am every day ready for the children’s first break!


    Each lunch is made fresh each morning with love and care.


    Ordering via the website will be really really easy.


    We cater to vegetarian and gluten free requirements.


    No need to reorder each week, simply set and forget.


    Not just lunch, but morning and afternoon snacks too.



    Sophie Beck


    027 339 9353

    Posted Jul 5, 2017, 8:18 PM by Reception @TMCS
  • Agriculture Day – Friday 20th October 2017

    We are celebrating our ‘Country School’ status with a whole week of Agricultural and Horticultural activities, culminating in our Ag Day on Friday 20th October.  We are continuing with the traditional A & P Show approach. Week 1 of Term 4 will be our ‘Agriculture Week’.  Now is a good time to be thinking about your animal to show.  Lambs must be born on or after 1st July 2017 and Calves early 10th June - 31st July 2017, late 1st August 2017 onwards.


    All of our children will be involved in our special rural day - agriculture as well as horticulture will be celebrated on the day. While children with farm animals and caged pets will be out with their animals, the rest of the children in the school will be involved in a section called Horticultural Happenings. These children will be creating a variety of displays and arrangements selected from the list below - also for judging.  


    On the day, all of our children will be able to enjoy seeing the young farm animals as well as the pets and horticultural creations. We will be able to enjoy these experiences together, with everyone around to enjoy the grand parade and prize giving.

    Classrooms will be open for viewing on Friday 20th, to share some of the week’s activities. As well as this there will be specific judging areas to visit with the Friday Horticultural Happenings on display. Pet diaries are due at school on Monday 16th October.


    We are looking forward to a great day and hope you are able to join us on this special day.

    Posted Jul 5, 2017, 8:17 PM by Reception @TMCS
  • Happy Holiday

    We wish you all a wonderful holiday break.  Keep safe and warm while you enjoy some time at home or away. We look forward to seeing you all next term, beginning Monday 24th July.

    Posted Jul 5, 2017, 8:17 PM by Reception @TMCS
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Writer's Corner

Today we are pleased to celebrate pieces of writing with you from Harry YP, Year 3, Tanekaha 12.

Click on this link
to take you straight there. Congratulations on a wonderful piece of writing - well done!

  • Pirongia Healthy Food Shared Lunch  This week we are focusing on how to keep ourselves healthy. We will be looking at:Oral health Exercise (Leading into Cross Country next term)Nits (A current problem - please check your child over the holidays and treat if needed)Healthy food choicesTo end this short unit and our term, we are holding a Healthy Food shared lunch. Please help your child to prepare a small plate to share for lunch on Friday the 7th of July. This needs to be a healthy plate to encourage tasty and nutritious eating.
    Posted Jul 3, 2017, 1:58 PM by Reception @TMCS
  • Missing Cat
    Posted Jul 3, 2017, 1:19 PM by Reception @TMCS
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